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Francine Perri

Reads about: mixed media, art, scrapbooking, collage, altered art

Jennifer Rothstein

Reads about: stamping, art, stencils, papercrafting, creative writing

Patty Taylor

Reads about: scrapbooking, stamping, rubber stamping, crafting, crafts

Kat Junebugs

Reads about: scrapbooking, papercrafting, card making, stamping, paper crafting

Tanya Mcalexander An Art and Fashion lover, and an avid book reader. I am always looking for the next thing to start l...

Reads about: copics, makeup, beauty, card making, scrapbooking

Cheryl Marshall

Reads about: scrapbooking, mixed media art, stamping, art, halloween

Debbie Page Harris

Reads about: scrapbooking, mixed media, crafts, stamping, crafting

Heesun Kim

Reads about: altered art, scrapbooking, crafts, stamping, paper crafts

Adrienne Acoba

Reads about: art, quilt, stamping, collage, handmade

Wendy Michelle Benfi...

Reads about: mixed media, art, art journaling, scrapbooking, mixed media art

Crystal Lewis

Reads about: papercrafting, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, stamping

J Rachelle Jackson

Reads about: scrapbooking, stamping, crafts, art, fitness

Nelly Bucci

Reads about: mixed media, collage, art, vintage collage, altered art

Mary C. Turner

Reads about: card making, scrapbooking, stamping, cameo, molding

Glen Thomson

Reads about: stamping, scrapbooking, healthy, papercrafting, recipes

Karen Roberts Conner

Reads about: scrapbooking, stamping, art, cardmaking, painting

Glo Cantwell

Reads about: art, life, fashion, beauty, business

Heather Thompson

Reads about: scrapbooking, scrapbook, cards, crafts, stamping

Chris Leckington

Reads about: papercrafting, stamping, scrapbooking

Kim Johnny

Reads about: crafts, scrapbooking, art, stamping, mixed media

Peej Waldrop

Reads about: creativity, cartography, art, papercrafting, maps

Loni Lou Laquill

Reads about: papercrafting, stamping, scrapbooking

Luana Jarecki-Lindop

Reads about: polymer clay, scrapbooking, art, crafts, collage

Lee Hynes

Reads about: art, mixed media, craft, stamping, crafts

Betsy Skagen

Reads about: scrapbooking, humor, crafting, mixed media, papercrafting

Sandy Herbert

Reads about: altered art, stamping, scrapbooking, papercrafting, mixed media art

Lachelle Unger

Reads about: art, scrapbooking, papercrafting, craft projects, product

Sherri Hinkle I am a very happily married woman. My husband and I were friends long before we started dating, the...

Reads about: art, crafts, food, scrapbooking, design

Joan Olk

Reads about: crafts, scrapbooking, stamping, cards, art

Vickie Scarlett-Fish...

Reads about: art, mixed media, primitive, stamping, collage

Kay Mack

Reads about: scrapbooking, decluttering, organizing, digital scrapbooking, crafts

Maricha Bulger

Reads about: scrapbooking, crafts, stamping, art, papercrafts

Suzanne Gilbert

Reads about: stamping, card making, papercraft, craft, scrapbooking

Stephanie Moore Siat...

Reads about: papercrafting, stamping, scrapbooking

Linda Corbin Young

Reads about: mixed media, scrapbooking, mixed media art, art, crafts

Angel Brayton

Reads about: altered art, stamping, scrapbooking, free cut files, paper art

Robin Mccusker Horas...

Reads about: scrapbooking, card making, stamping, decoupage, rubber stamping

Tamiko Mccurry

Reads about: scrapbooking, stamping, crafts, mixed media, art

Sandy Lee

Reads about: scrapbooking, paper crafting, card making, stamping, crafts

Aletha J. Williams

Reads about: scrapbooking, stamping, card making, crafts, cards

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