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Janice Wilson Stridi...

Reads about: poetry, writing, nonfiction, flash fiction, short fiction

Elena Thornton

Reads about: technology, marketing, networking, arizona, business

Deborah Ayceekay

Reads about: cheese, literature, cooperatives, text, image

Ellie Myles

Reads about: poetry, writing, music, literature, america

Larry O. Dean Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan, where ...

Reads about: poetry, writing, music, books, fiction

Andrew Mcfadyen Ketc...

Reads about: text, image, music

J.R. Meyer

Reads about: life, arizona, love, asu, nature

Eddie Janssens

Reads about: music, travel, frog, absurd, pop culture

Annette Sugden

Reads about: poetry, writing, fiction, books, music

Paul Siegell

Reads about: poetry, writing, fiction, literature, books

Beverly Frick

Reads about: art, mixed media, writing, collage, photography

Lori Williams

Reads about: poetry, literature, writing, fiction, books

Lana Hechtman Ayers

Reads about: movies, poetry, writing, poems, confession

Jim Beikler

Reads about: poetry, writing, books, music, essay

Janet Burroway

Reads about: poetry, flash fiction, music, short fiction, literature

Confetta Ras INTERESTS:
Art, Architecture, Books, Candy, Design, Ephemera, Felines, Film, Floyd, Jack, Literature...

Reads about: poetry, music, jazz, art, visual poetry

Geoff Brock

Reads about: music, humor, text, image, poetry

Vince Gotera

Reads about: poetry, writing, literature, books, fiction

Lorraine Seal

Reads about: expat in europe, austria, music, ireland, text

Mary Morris

Reads about: poetry, books, fiction, writing, music

Adrian Francisco

Reads about: photography, digital photography, food, culture, cameras

Em Skow

Reads about: travel, photography, food, culture, everyday art

Matthew Shindell

Reads about: poetry, literature, writing, books, fiction

Ariel Robello

Reads about: life, erotismo, finance, literatura, text

Robert Chambers

Reads about: poetry, books, politics, technology, liberal

Patricia Colleen Mur...

Reads about: poetry, writing, literature, fiction, art

Cameron Conaway Cameron Conaway is a former MMA fighter, an award-winning poet and the Social Justice Editor at Good...

Reads about: writing, poetry, politics, literature, books

Stacy Patton

Reads about: fiction, writing, literature, writing/fic/poetry/art/satire, text

Brandi Katherine Her...

Reads about: poetry, photography, alt press journalism, literature, culture

Marie Starr

Reads about: poetry, life, kris carr, pop culture, small press

Anupam Sharma

Reads about: poetry, writing, fiction, politics, life

Lanie Shanzyra P. Re...

Reads about: poetry, writing, books, literature, fiction

Jamie Bond I love to read and network!

Jamie Bond is a poet who loves guns so much
she tries to spyt hollow...

Reads about: writing, poetry, books, publishing, life

Gregory Donovan

Reads about: the writer, poetics, text, image, poetry

Nicole Broadhurst

Reads about: books, music, text, image, poetry

Geoff Schmidt

Reads about: poetry, fiction, literary journal, writing, photography

Chris Lawrence

Reads about: poetry, writing, literature, art, books

Joseph Bates

Reads about: fiction, writing, publishing, christian, text

Brenda Popwell Keen

Reads about: writing, kidlitosphere, childrens books, social media, text

Carlos A. Lima

Reads about: art, photography, culture, music, life

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