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American Dads · 10M ago

When an Entire Family Abandons a Child

Looking Beyond the Deadbeat Dad: When an Entire Family Abandons a Child | The Huffington Post There are few issues in the African American community which receive greater attention, discussi...
American Dads · 1Y ago

Parenting with a Disability: Know Your Rights Toolkit

Introducing’s New President — January 19, 2017 Introducing Jim Mason “Let’s get Jim Mason in here to discuss this.” In the eight years I’ve served at, I...
American Dads · 1Y ago

Corrupt Judges of America

Originally posted on Welcome to Leon Koziol.Com: Judge James K. Eby, Oswego County Family Court, Oswego, NY Administrator’s Note: This is the third of a three-part series we call the “Turkey...
American Dads · 1Y ago

Winning through Strength

All over the country, we are winning battle after battle. Just look at our impressive accomplishments.
American Dads · 1Y ago

Trust Women? Hahahahahaha

There’s a new campaign in town… First, we had to Listen and Believe. Now, we are told we have to #TrustWomen Why? Because they’re women. And… because it’s 2016. Trust me, it’s still 2016, i...
American Dads · 1Y ago

Letter to Judges Reviewing Child Support Guidelines

Some say this federally mandated review process is a sham and that there is only motivation to raise child support. It has been said that kickbacks from the federal government ($140 million ...
American Dads · 1Y ago

It is fatherhood that makes childhood possible.

The second reason why judges favor mother custody is their recognition that women and children are dependent creatures. This was formerly understood to mean they needed husbands and fathers....
American Dads · 1Y ago

Child custody law reform is happening all over the country.

Latest NY Court Ruling Could Open Doors For Father Custody Battles | The Daily Caller The New York State Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that a homosexual individual can seek custodial rights...
American Dads · 1Y ago

Researching Reform

So you’d rather watch tournament games and go bowling than support a “We Are Fathers” campaign for justice and equality. Well that’s your choice, it’s a free country, in theory anyway. But y...
American Dads · 1Y ago

Men’s Rights and Feminism

Feminism and Men’s Rights | Savagely Free The central tenets of feminism are flawed from a political and philosophical standpoint. This statement, while tarring with a very broad, and perhap...