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American Indian Adoptees · 20h ago

The Body Remembers

New research reveals that trauma experienced in childhood has long-term damaging effects o...
American Indian Adoptees · 2d ago

Robby Romero - Who's Gonna Save You

Questions? EMAIL:
American Indian Adoptees · 3d ago

FREE test for adoptees - apply now - by APRIL 30

This pro bono project is giving new hope to families searching for loved ones, many of whom would not have access to genetic testing otherwise. If you or someone you know may be eligible, ap...
American Indian Adoptees · 3d ago

National database for First Nations adoptees | #60s Scoop Peer Support Line #NISCW

60s Scoop Eleanore Sunchild, a Cree lawyer who specializes in Aboriginal law and has re...
American Indian Adoptees · 3d ago

Meet Melissa Olsen | Stolen Childhoods

The Indian Adoption Project (IAP), which resulted in the out-of-home placement of many Native American children, lasted from 1958 through 1967. It emerged during the U.S. federal government’s ‘Termination Policy’ that sought to assimilate Native trib...
American Indian Adoptees · 5d ago

Indian Child Welfare Act attacks are a threat to tribes #ICWA

click: Indian Child Welfare Act attacks are a threat to tribes High Country News  This week, High Country News published a story by reporter Allison Herrera detailing a conservative think tank’s efforts to dismantle the Indian Child Welfare Act, a...
American Indian Adoptees · 6d ago

Finding Cleo: CBC podcast solves decades-old mystery of Saskatchewan girl lost in Sixties Scoop

Siblings separated in Sixties Scoop had been searching for sister for decades when they tu...
American Indian Adoptees · 1W ago

Grandmothers on front lines of opiate crisis need to be heard and helped #ICWA

In Indian country, opiates and heroin are called dark spirits.“...When you are in the thro...
American Indian Adoptees · 2W ago

#AdoptionArmy | A Generation Removed #ICWA

Adoptee voices are valid. #adopteeson #adoptee #adoption— Adoptees On (@adopteeson) February 28, 2018 Wondering who powers us? You. A true adoptee rights army, growing each day, with each of you linked up to NY legislators ...
American Indian Adoptees · 3W ago

Adoption is trauma

My mom & me were both adopted. My mom was 5 when she was taken out of Alaska, adopted by nonNatives who severely abused her. I found her 19 years ago & am still finding other family, reconne...