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An Indie Adventure · 5d ago

Screenwriter Robert Gosnell ~ The Hero In The Well

 Multi-produced screenwriter Robert Gosnell brings us his wisdom from the trenches ( of a working screenwriter.  This bit of advice is priceless, and I laughed after I read it.T...
An Indie Adventure · 3W ago

Mental Can Openers and Writer's Hash ~ I'm Not Clowning Around Here

Another great post from Brad. And as usual, he ties it all together in the most entertaining way. Why else call the blog what I call it :)Writers share something with those traveling circuse...
An Indie Adventure · 3W ago

Author Spotlight Featuring Dena Netherton's Latest Release ~ Haven's Hope

Please welcome Dena Netherton and her latest book in The Hunted series. Take it away Dena. Thanks for hosting me, L.A. Why does a man (or woman) stalk another person? Almost every week I rea...
An Indie Adventure · 1M ago

Author Spotlight Featuring Candee Fick's New Release ~ Focus On Love

It's always a treat to have Candee here to introduce her latest book. Take it away, Ms. Fick :)Thanks for hosting me L.A.What if you had to choose between two career paths?Elizabeth (Liz) Fo...
An Indie Adventure · 1M ago

Author Spotlight Featuring M.S. Spencer's New Release ~ The Pit and the Passion: Murder at the Ghost Hotel

Don't you love the title of M.S. Spencer's new release? I do. It creates all sorts of "wants-to-know." Thanks so much, L.A., for letting me talk to your readers about my new cozy mystery The...
An Indie Adventure · 2M ago

Author Spotlight Featuring David Russell's Pearlman

Hello, L.A., thank you for hosting me on your blog.I came to writing romance quite late in life. My university education had conditioned me to despise and ignore the idiom, partly because of...
An Indie Adventure · 2M ago

Class Flash ~ Upcoming Online Writing Classes Taught By Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Classes at Romance U, Writer University, and SINC taught by Laurie Schnebly Campbell, one of my all-time favorite NEW YEAR, NEW YOU(Jan. 2-26, 2018)
An Indie Adventure · 2M ago

Mental Can Openers & Writer's Hash ~ The Writer's Gift

      Christmas, that time of year when we stop to consider what we cherish, and what we want to give.  I cherish words – words, and the stories they tell.  Stories were my refuge when I was...
An Indie Adventure · 3M ago

Guest Post by Peter Perrin & His Debut Book ~ Grace's Turmoil

Hello, L.A., Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog. A few years ago, my then fourteen-year-old granddaughter self-published two novels on Amazon. Inspired by this I thought I shoul...
An Indie Adventure · 3M ago

Take Five and Meet Author M.S. Spencer & The Penhallow Train Incident

Welcome to An Indie Adventure, M. S.  Tell us, what inspired you to write your book The Penhallow Train Incident?Hi, L.A., thanks for hosting me on your blog.The first year my family vacatio...