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Ana Verse · 6M ago

Over Fifty

Althea felt subject to routine inquiries into her character. Was she someone who would hurt children? Was she someone who would hurt the old? Or steal into their coffers? Was she harmless or...
Ana Verse · 7M ago


On the topic of Medicare, and in particular for those of you who straightened out the difference between Medicare and Medicaid less than a week ago, I have several things to say. I entered u...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago


BunkerDressed as an English professor on HalloweenI escape the red devil and run downtown.I go to the Art Car hangarI dance, I swing my golden brown briefcaseI see the sculptor Mike Scranton...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

Sorry to have missed you

I made the board this time, as I call the two-week recommended list. I feel like writing something better than it then. Yet thanks to those who fav'd and commented. All men so far, but F'nau...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

To Kill a Mockingbird or: Flannery O'Connor

This subject—Flannery O'Connor's world and work—has changed over time, not only for me. I read her along the way, early during college (not in college, since she is an American, and in colle...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

A Longing for Life

I met him the night of Ned's memorial service at Life Touch where Ned worked. It was Thursday, July 25, 2013. After Amy offered to bring our mom home, I went with Anne to a happy hour for Ne...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

Day of Rest
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

Pomegranate juice thief walks home
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

Tony Sanders

Immolation Row by Tony SandersMay 2, 1957 to February 11, 2015
Ana Verse · 1Y ago


Having a lover was allowed while I lived at my mother's house.On Wellbutrin I Only Dreamed of Sex,illustration by Daniel Harrisin Country Without a Name,stories by Ann Bogleforthcoming from ...