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Ana Verse · 1M ago


On the topic of Medicare, and in particular for those of you who straightened out the difference between Medicare and Medicaid less than a week ago, I have several things to say. I entered u...
Ana Verse · 6M ago


BunkerDressed as an English professor on HalloweenI escape the red devil and run downtown.I go to the Art Car hangarI dance, I swing my golden brown briefcaseI see the sculptor Mike Scranton...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

Sorry to have missed you

I made the board this time, as I call the two-week recommended list. I feel like writing something better than it then. Yet thanks to those who fav'd and commented. All men so far, but F'nau...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

To Kill a Mockingbird or: Flannery O'Connor

This subject—Flannery O'Connor's world and work—has changed over time, not only for me. I read her along the way, early during college (not in college, since she is an American, and in colle...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

A Longing for Life

I met him the night of Ned's memorial service at Life Touch where Ned worked. It was Thursday, July 25, 2013. After Amy offered to bring our mom home, I went with Anne to a happy hour for Ne...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

Day of Rest
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

Pomegranate juice thief walks home
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

Tony Sanders

Immolation Row by Tony SandersMay 2, 1957 to February 11, 2015
Ana Verse · 1Y ago


Having a lover was allowed while I lived at my mother's house.On Wellbutrin I Only Dreamed of Sex,illustration by Daniel Harrisin Country Without a Name,stories by Ann Bogleforthcoming from ...
Ana Verse · 1Y ago

Kipling at Night

Gourds & pumpkins from MN Landscape Arboretum Apple HouseStoop in autumn