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anagomezgarcia · 3d ago

Zombies, Vampires and Republicans

Zombies,Vampires and Republicans
anagomezgarcia · 1W ago

If Europe does not look after you…

maybe it´s you who should look after Europe. Check this out:
anagomezgarcia · 3W ago

The Young Against The Old (with subtitles)

For subtitles, move the cursor in the bottom-right corner till you see cc. Click on it and select the language if it is not English. WHO WANTS TO DIVIDE AND RULE?
anagomezgarcia · 3W ago


Episode One
anagomezgarcia · 3W ago

Lighten the darkness, by G.Monbiot

Lighten the Darkness – Lighten the Darkness Posted: 26 May 2017 02:38 AM PDT How dark money is subverting democracy in the UK. By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 17th M...
anagomezgarcia · 4W ago

Is this a candid interview?
anagomezgarcia · 1M ago

What´s the deal with Saudi Arabia?

US, Saudia Arabia and the rest
anagomezgarcia · 1M ago

Articles for the last week

New newspeak Black Mamma´s Day Bailout
anagomezgarcia · 1M ago

B1 students

Exercise 9A, page 121 Work in groups of four. Read one restaurant review each and then tell the group what you have read . If you had to choose one to have a mean together, which one would y...
anagomezgarcia · 1M ago