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anagomezgarcia · 1W ago

Whose fault is it?(text C)

    There is an agonizing predictability to the mass shootings that regularly horrify the nation. The latest, in which 26 churchgoers(=people who go to church) were shot to death at Sunday w...
anagomezgarcia · 1W ago

A resident of Bermuda (text B)

Out of sight, a powerful industry has been developing since the 1980s in tax havens across the globe. By following the money, we can start to grasp the costs that these territories impose on...
anagomezgarcia · 2W ago

The Catalonian crisis

anagomezgarcia · 3W ago

About to go blind, the mother of a young child braces herself for a hard future

anagomezgarcia · 4W ago

Emergency Instructions for magical wikispaces

Are you having trouble uploading your work? Have you followed these five magic steps?: 1-Have you received an invitation to wikispaces? 2-Have you clicked on the first link and created an ac...
anagomezgarcia · 1M ago


anagomezgarcia · 1M ago

Time prepositions

time prepositions
anagomezgarcia · 1M ago

Which of the following verbs don´t have an extra syllable in the past? (+/id/)

depend, expect, return, hate, pack, hide, invade, explode, blast, inherit, project, respect, intend, demand, wait, translate and create.    
anagomezgarcia · 1M ago

When is “(e)d” pronounced /t/?

anagomezgarcia · 1M ago

Catalonia today

An outsider’ s view