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Monique Tracy Stuart...

Reads about: life, liberal, wind tunnel dreams, progressive, cancer survival

Grant Blakeney I am a very complex person! That is me in a nutshell, never try to truly understand me… the reason w...

Reads about: photography, life, art, spirituality, musings

Johannah Steffens Sa...

Reads about: crafts, sewing, family, art, craft

Marcia Dunne

Reads about: life, art, jewelry, cancer survival, hope

Sandy Weaver

Reads about: art, kids, family, artisan jewelry, life in general

Miranda Jordan

Reads about: life, arts, family, cancer survival, crafts

Gen D'Orleans

Reads about: family, life, parenting, children, cooking

Dixie Miller Goode

Reads about: writing, books, family, parenting, reviews

Christy Oakley

Reads about: tarot, life, vivid dreams, cancer survival, hope

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