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... and several butcher's aprons. Politics. Satire. Music. Leaning largely to the left.

English - Politics, Humor, Satire
... and several butcher's aprons. · 5M ago

Death of a Nation – The Disgrace of Modern America

“We are all outlaws in the eyes of AmericaIn order to survive we steal, cheat, lie, forge, hide and dealWe are obscene, lawless, hideous, dangerous, dirty, violent and youngBut we should be ...
... and several butcher's aprons. · 6M ago

It Happened In Key West – A Praise-filled Peek at a Stunning New Musical

“How it feels to watch your love, as they slowly drift away. And to know that you can’t follow where they go.”As a man of virtually no talents, (and truth be told, I might be grading on a cu...
... and several butcher's aprons. · 7M ago

Brief Encounter: The Mooch and the Douche

The Douche and the Mooch, moments before Scaramucci's "accidental" airborne departure from Airforce 1, sans parachute. “Your baby doesn't love you anymoreGolden days before they endWhisper s...
... and several butcher's aprons. · 8M ago

Lazy Boy – Lessons from a Leisurely Life

Think of this as a warning, a true cautionary tale. It may not be pretty. It may not be pleasant. Real life seldom is. And once having consumed the forthcoming account, consider sharing with...
... and several butcher's aprons. · 8M ago

Of the Affluent, By the Affluent, For the Affluent - A Democracy in Decline

... and several butcher's aprons. · 9M ago

The Shape of Things – Barbarians through the Gates

“Shapes of things before my eyes,Just teach me to despise.Will time make men more wise?” – The YardbirdsHatred is an evil emotion that no one should ever experience or express, but I'm at a ...
... and several butcher's aprons. · 9M ago

Being Mrs.Trump: Is it Really Worth the Money?

It can’t be easy being betrothed to a sociopath, particularly one who is also the planet’s most rampant narcissist – a petty, minor, baby-man, powerless to love or admire any other being but...
... and several butcher's aprons. · 10M ago

The Story of Mankind

As it has been awhile since the last posting, I thought it best to ease back into the fray with fun, fluffier, more frothy fare this go round – hence the title topic. But, fear not, this wil...
... and several butcher's aprons. · 11M ago

When Americans Reject America – Trump’s Troops Declare War

“This is why I have no patience for liberal talk of reaching out to Trump voters. There is no more a compromise point with those who accept, promote and defend bigotry, misogyny and xenophob...
... and several butcher's aprons. · 1Y ago

B.R.A.T. – Bloggers Resistance Against Trump

"Save the Country Now"If Donald J. Trump can destroy the country with his tweets,  we can save the country with our blogs.There are an estimated 31 million bloggers in the United States, jus...