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Angela Topping's Blog · 1M ago

StAnza 2018 Review

I would have liked to have gone to St Andrews for the whole period of StAnza, but this wasn’t possible because of my lecturing work, however, we set off very early on Friday morning with the aim of arriving in … Continue reading →
Angela Topping's Blog · 2M ago

Ten Ways to Keep Depression At Bay

Yesterday I posted about the Please Hear What I’m Not Saying Anthology for MIND. I have been medicated three times for depression, and I absolutely needed it each time. They were all work-related. Now I work for myself, much of … Continue reading →
Angela Topping's Blog · 2M ago

Please Hear What I’m Not Saying

Mental health is a massive problem in our society, and prevents some people from enjoying their life and coping with the stresses of the modern world, which can be a pressurised and noisy  place. We are constantly bombarded with things … Continue rea...
Angela Topping's Blog · 3M ago

The Poetry Police

There has been something of a controversy recently in the poetry goldfish bowl. I don’t wa...
Angela Topping's Blog · 3M ago

To Frances

Originally posted on Text'styles: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”                                       “That depends a good…
Angela Topping's Blog · 5M ago

The Title of Poet: praise word or description?

Originally posted on Angela Topping: There has been discussion about what a poet is and whether one can confer the title on oneself. I was tentative for a long time about calling myself a p...
Angela Topping's Blog · 5M ago

Nothing but Rain

Edward Thomas joined up to fight of his own free will. He was just starting to come into his own as a poet when he was killed. This poem of mine refers to two of his poems, ‘Rain’ and ‘Words...
Angela Topping's Blog · 5M ago

Reviews of my book on Amazon

I am grateful to David Cooke (of The High Window) for this review of my latest book on Amazon:   Beautifully crafted and accessible, The Five Petals of Elderflower, is convincing testimony t...
Angela Topping's Blog · 5M ago

“The Five Petals of Elderflower” Angela Topping (Red Squirrel Press) – poetry review

Originally posted on Emma Lee's Blog: “Five Petals of Elderflower” uses the title poem, also the first poem, as a structure for the whole collection giving it a sense of unity. It’s importan...
Angela Topping's Blog · 6M ago

The Mersey Sound and Me

  By the time I was 13, I was already writing poetry seriously, and read vast amounts of it from Widnes library for pleasure. In the early 1960s, Penguin started producing black paperback sh...