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Angela Topping's Blog · 4d ago

The Title of Poet: praise word or description?

Originally posted on Angela Topping: There has been discussion about what a poet is and whether one can confer the title on oneself. I was tentative for a long time about calling myself a p...
Angela Topping's Blog · 1W ago

Nothing but Rain

Edward Thomas joined up to fight of his own free will. He was just starting to come into his own as a poet when he was killed. This poem of mine refers to two of his poems, ‘Rain’ and ‘Words...
Angela Topping's Blog · 2W ago

Reviews of my book on Amazon

I am grateful to David Cooke (of The High Window) for this review of my latest book on Amazon:   Beautifully crafted and accessible, The Five Petals of Elderflower, is convincing testimony t...
Angela Topping's Blog · 2W ago

“The Five Petals of Elderflower” Angela Topping (Red Squirrel Press) – poetry review

Originally posted on Emma Lee's Blog: “Five Petals of Elderflower” uses the title poem, also the first poem, as a structure for the whole collection giving it a sense of unity. It’s importan...
Angela Topping's Blog · 1M ago

The Mersey Sound and Me

  By the time I was 13, I was already writing poetry seriously, and read vast amounts of it from Widnes library for pleasure. In the early 1960s, Penguin started producing black paperback sh...
Angela Topping's Blog · 1M ago

More Poems from Whitby Poetry Workshops

      My Whitby Folk Week poetry workshops included writing invitation home poems, healing...
Angela Topping's Blog · 2M ago

Whitby Poetry Folk Week Showcase

This summer, once again, I led stand alone poetry workshops at Whitby Folk Week. I have me...
Angela Topping's Blog · 2M ago

A poem for National Poetry Day, written by year 5&6 pupils at Westminster School, Ellesmere Port.

Be Free I don’t want to be stuck indoors because of the weather I don’t want to be grounded and not allowed out I don’t want to be bossed around or bothered by people who try to hurt my feel...
Angela Topping's Blog · 2M ago

A Tribute to Kathleen Gibson, nee Callaghan, my English Teacher

This morning, I received the sad news that my English teacher, Kathleen Gibson, died at the age of only 73. She taught me from year 9 through to A level at Broughton Hall Grammar School. She was always very kind … Continue reading →
Angela Topping's Blog · 2M ago

Describing my own Poetry

My poetry is the poetry of rejoicing, even when it is about people I loved who have died. ...