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Alexandra Lindberg My name is Alexandra Lindberg I live in Sweden.

I believe that if your intentions are good - eve...

Reads about: life, reviews, family, photography, travel

Linda Berry

Reads about: writing, bible, christian, freelancing, animals

Shari Lynne Hi! I'm a stay at home Mom/Grandma of 7. My blog is about encouraging women to be all that God has ...

Reads about: family, parenting, faith, christian, recipes

Annjenette 'Ayuso' M...

Reads about: christian, family, marriage, god, parenting

Angela Joseph

Reads about: writing, books, christian, faith, life

Peter Whitfield Teacher Expat. Living in the Big Durian

Reads about: travel, indonesia, technology, life, jakarta

Aleta Curry I'm a writer and historian from New South Wales, Australia. I'm called 'prolific' because I write co...

Reads about: family, life, collectibles, antiques, photography

Luke Regler An Englishman in Jakarta, living the life of an expat in a very English way

Reads about: technology, travel, life, jakarta, indonesia

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