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Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 20h ago

A French polyglot practicing 24 languages - YouTube Video

A French polyglot practicing 24 languages1) 00:27 French2) 01:09 German3) 02:14 English4) 03:09 Latin5) 04:27 Spanish6) 05:32 Portuguese7) 06:50 Italian8) 07:58 Modern Greek9) 08:54 Finnish1...
Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 1W ago

The Harmony of Listening & Reading in Language Learning - Polyglot Progress

"Today Matt discusses the benefits which come from reading and listening simultaneously in language learning!" An interesting video with Math from Polyglot Progress talking about listening a...
Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 2W ago

Create Your Own Star Pattern Pillows

Decorative and customizable star pattern throw pillows. You can change the background color to your favorite color. The sample features a black and white star pattern.Black and White Stars T...
Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 2W ago

Russian Grammar: Gender in Russian

A Russian grammar video about the gender of nouns presented in Russian, but with some English subtitles to help people understand the video. I am one of those learners that enjoys watching g...
Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 2W ago

Russian Grammar А0 Playlist on YouTube

A playlist full of Russian grammar videos. They are beginning level grammar topics for Russian learners. As of posting this, I've just started the playlist. I'm saving this among my own reso...
Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 2W ago

Wonder Woman Posters at

In their Wonder Woman merchandise store over at Zazzle they have classic Wonder Woman comic book covers, artwork and photography from the brand new movie on a variety of products. Actually, ...
Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 2W ago

Using My Time on the Internet More Productively

I woke up this morning and about 20 or 30 minutes into checking out the endless stream at Facebook and YouTube, I reminded myself that I'd like to start to use my time on the Internet more p...
Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 2W ago

Bratislava Polyglot Gathering: Interview with Organizer Lydia Machova

New video by Steve Kaufman from LingQ: "As the Polyglot Gathering draws to a close I sit down with organizer Lydia Machova and talk about the event, as well as what it means to be a language...
Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 2W ago

как использовать "свой" в русском

как использовать "свой" в русском - how to use "свой" in Russian
Annalee Blysse ~ Photography & Art · 2W ago

Metatron - Feminine and Masculine Nouns - The Perspective Of A Native

Metatron shares his ideas (native Italian speaker) about how masculine and feminine nouns in latin-based romance languages carry more than a grammatical meaning. "What does it actually mean ...