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annamaria's books · 2Y ago

An Update

I always seem to disappear, but I am trying to be productive. I’ve completed Harmony in the Vineyard the novel for the Romancing the Wine box set and have handed it over to  my editor. In th...
annamaria's books · 2Y ago

Wasting Time

Yes, I’m upset with Annamaria again. With the limited time she has to write, instead of working on novels here is what she does to waste time.     I think it’s a wonderful piece for marketin...
annamaria's books · 2Y ago

The Giveaway has started

Hello friends, as promised the first event celebrating the closing of the present book cover of White Swans A Regency World has started. If you would like to win a copy of the White Swans A ...
annamaria's books · 2Y ago

More About the New Cover

Hello good people coming to the site, ~giggles~ The new cover for White Swans A Regency World is almost ready and Annamaria and I are trying to figure out all the logistics for the big launc...
annamaria's books · 1Y ago

More Book News

Life is going a bit slow around here. Annamaria is taking her sweet time editing and making important changes to Mail Order Bride, which will soon have a title change. If  you haven’t gone i...