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annamaria's corner · 5M ago

Writing Update I

Still working on the time travel novel and having fun, but need to wrap things up because ...
annamaria's corner · 5M ago

Where Do We Go from Here

Once again our Electoral College has managed to vote into the presidency a person who did not receive the popular vote. Demonstrations have been breaking out through out the US including her...
annamaria's corner · 5M ago


The great opportunities born through self publishing have flooded online stores with a melange of books from excellent to poor. Everyone in the world wants to publish a book whether talented...
annamaria's corner · 5M ago

How Time Stops

As I’ve been concentrating on the historical time travel novel a few things have jumped to mind to distract me. I figured if I write them down, dealing with them, these thoughts might subsid...
annamaria's corner · 5M ago

Going Home

The meaning of going home has changed drastically through the years. Stepping through the door the aroma of fresh-baked bread filled my nostril the hot air from the ovens spread warmth all a...
annamaria's corner · 5M ago

A Chat with Victoria Heagy

Good morning and welcome to another Round Table Chat. It’s getting a bit cooler here in Richmond and the leaves are starting to change color. My backyard is a beautiful canvas filled with br...
annamaria's corner · 6M ago

Rescued by a Gambler

The unbelievable story of Natasha. Yes, a bit unbelievable but when a crazy and stupid husband gambles with the wrong people, organized crime, nothing good can come out of it. Or can it? A romance is a love story to … Continue reading →
annamaria's corner · 6M ago

Christmas Pets and Kisses 2

Now available at Amazon for only $0.99. Title and blurb for each of the 12 novellas. Warm ...
annamaria's corner · 6M ago

Harmony in the Vineyard

Harmony in the Vineyard is available for pre-order on Amazon It is part of Romancing the Wine box set, which is also available on Amazon Growing up in Sicily, Italy taught me to appreciate a...
annamaria's corner · 7M ago

Another Rant

OMG! Another box set for $0.99. Wow! This one has nine novellas by nine different authors. What a bargain! It is unfortunate readers don’t understand the many hours of hard work that go into...