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Anne Weisgerber · 4W ago

The Actuarials | Spring 2018 | Heavy Feather Review Volume 7

"It was statistics, after all, that demonstrated at the turn of the 20th century that love follows psychological laws." -- Wilhelm Wundt
Anne Weisgerber · 4W ago

“Shaft” | Cleaver Magazine Issue No. 21 | 22 March 2018

He threw away his Purple Hearts. Those he let go.
Anne Weisgerber · 2M ago

Two New Interviews | February 2018

Photo credit (c) 2017 Alibi Jones via Three Questions for Anne Weisgerber via Tommy Dean Writer | Mini-Interview with A.E. Weisgerber
Anne Weisgerber · 2M ago

Reading Games | Spelk Fiction | 22 January 2018

"He stole a pocket guide to flowers, marked 35-cents, to give as a birthday present, but he still has it. "
Anne Weisgerber · 3M ago

Thank you Flapperhouse! and good luck fellow nominees <3

Thank you Flapperhouse for the nomination of “Picnic” via Our Nominations for The Best Small Fictions 2018 Are…
Anne Weisgerber · 4M ago

Pushcart Nomination | “Moi, Je Suis la Porte” | Sundog Lit

Sundog Lit is so pleased to announce our nominees for this year’s Pushcart Prize. We take deep pride in publishing the best work we encounter from a variety of voices, and we take very serio...
Anne Weisgerber · 5M ago

S H O T G U N + I Have a Jaggedy Scar |The Valley Review Vol 11 Iss 3: Black Forest | September 2017 (Print)

(hurry! hurry! you will hear soft tattoos, thump-chucks of old fringe-headed sledgehammers whip-swung by roustabouts who taste aba-daba good like funnelcakes or cola.)
Anne Weisgerber · 5M ago

Review | Special Like the People on TV | Tommy Dean

“In the gentle breeze he thinks he can discern the light smell of the lilac taking over, for just an instant, the heavy smell of gas.”
Anne Weisgerber · 5M ago

The Groom | Five:2:One #thesideshow | 4 November 2017

She loved how Edward curried her stifles and gaskins, how he spoke sweetly, always producing a sugar cube of good news.
Anne Weisgerber · 5M ago

“Memories in the Park” | Beckman + Bradley + Brown + Degani + Leftwich + Stout + Weisgerber + Wigington

I remember too, above the monkey bars, how air thumped and churned and drummed down through the canopy of trees whock whock whock. I dropped down to the hard-trod dirt, my knees kissing the ...