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Anne Weisgerber · 2W ago

Moiety | The Airgonaut | 1 October 2017

Alone, Paul did not see Lilliane or David, Moore or diSuvero, ever again.
Anne Weisgerber · 3W ago

Best of the Net 2017 noms – Congrats!

Source: Best of the Net 2017 noms – Congrats!
Anne Weisgerber · 3W ago

Review | PERSON/A: A Novel by Elizabeth Ellen | 24 September 2017

Not since Allie Caulfield has an absent character carried so much weight.
Anne Weisgerber · 1M ago

Essay | Come March, Let’s Crüe | March SHREDNESS | 1 September 2017

"When Seattle and the Grunge thing came through, and acts started closing up shop, it didn’t even affect Mötley Crüe." - My Uncle Glen
Anne Weisgerber · 3M ago

2 Stories: “Pix” and “Orphan” | DIAGRAM | 30 June 2017

"She was very embarrassed and didn't want anybody to look. He saw."
Anne Weisgerber · 4M ago

Review | After the Pause Vol 4 Iss 2: Summer 2017 | The Review Review

One interesting observation from the contributor notes is that After the Pause is welcoming of international submissions. Talent from India, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Turkey...
Anne Weisgerber · 4M ago

Moi, Je Suis la Porte | Sundog Lit: Issue 12 | 30 May 2017

Nominated for Best of the Net | Her cape of color stretched and spread like dampness through neighborhood views, like the music of oboes and bagpipes.
Anne Weisgerber · 6M ago

Now available digitally, “Picnic” from Flapperhouse Spring 2017

Della’s cousin, Pat Farelly, was back in the newspapers as his verdict was due shortly.
Anne Weisgerber · 6M ago

“The Mall We Call Commas” | Five:2:One | 13 April 2017

Less may be more, but insurance claims are filed, more or less.
Anne Weisgerber · 6M ago

Review |Analog: Poems & Out of Context by John Gosslee | Change Seven Magazine | 11 April 2017

This be the verse of a curious thinker and iconoclast.