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Anne Weisgerber · 1W ago

Now available digitally, “Picnic” from Flapperhouse Spring 2017

“Picnic” is A.E. Weisgerber‘s potent & evocative flash fiction from our killer & cinematic Spring 2017 issue. (Fun fact: “Picnic” was also selected by Michael Ray at Zoetrope: All-Story for ...
Anne Weisgerber · 1W ago

“The Mall We Call Commas” | Five:2:One | 13 April 2017

Less may be more, but insurance claims are filed, more or less.
Anne Weisgerber · 2W ago

Review |Analog: Poems & Out of Context by John Gosslee | Change Seven Magazine | 11 April 2017

This be the verse of a curious thinker and iconoclast.
Anne Weisgerber · 3W ago

“Controlled Delivery” | R.KV.R.Y. Journal | 3 April 2017

I got some kind of a flu. I couldn’t get out of bed.
Anne Weisgerber · 4W ago

Mickey Rourke | Lost Balloon Magazine | 29 March 2017

She thought he was a poet, and treated him as such.
Anne Weisgerber · 4W ago

‘Status Joe’ + ‘Father’ | Cowboy Jamboree Magazine: Family Strain | 28 March 2017

How can you possibly know when to head for the exits?
Anne Weisgerber · 1M ago

My First AWP Experience: Sessions, Friends, Readings! | 8-11 February 2017

AWP 2017 Washington, DC: Some photos from Hot Pillow III, Fightin' Words, Fast Flash Reunion, Word Tango Meetup, and Cold Dark Flash
Anne Weisgerber · 1M ago

FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #14, in Pictures

Originally posted on FLAPPERHOUSE: An ocean of thank-yous to everyone who helped make last night’s reading more fun than a mosh pit at an anarchist pep rally: Gregory, Lisa Marie, Michael, A...
Anne Weisgerber · 1M ago

Eight | Jellyfish Review: Kill People | 21 March 2017

And someone’s hollering at me “Get down! Get down!” and two seconds later “Take the shot! Take the shot!” Respawn.
Anne Weisgerber · 1M ago

Review: The Expanse Between by Lee Krecklow | Change Seven Magazine |21 March 2017

Krecklow’s protagonist in The Expanse Between learns the hard way that characters, like people, are big animals beyond his control.