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Ann's Afterthoughts · 1W ago

Multiple Author Book Signings

Come on out to Brew St. and find your new favorite author!We'll be signing and selling so bring your copy or pick one up while you're there.
Ann's Afterthoughts · 4W ago

What Writers Do

I like this quote. I liked the book, Running With Scissors. He has many more books which are on my TBR list (Herman) and I can't wait to get to them. The author's one liners, like this, are ...
Ann's Afterthoughts · 1M ago

Romance Week Sale

Romance is in the air - in addition to the Valentine's Day Giveaway Below, you can now pick up a copy of ALL FOR LOVE for only 99¢ all week! 5 Prince Books http://...
Ann's Afterthoughts · 2M ago

For the Love of Books Valentine's Day Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Ann's Afterthoughts · 2M ago

New Year, No Sis

Ahhh. We made it through the holidays. It was tough without my big sister there. Liver disease took her suddenly at the end of October and it is still all I can think about. Without her or m...
Ann's Afterthoughts · 3M ago

Christmas Shopping on the Square

Wish we still had stores with storefronts like this. I loved Christmas shopping around the square in my hometown. Didn't look just like this, but the feeling was the same. One Christmas Eve when I was around eight years old, my stepdad, Bull, got a w...
Ann's Afterthoughts · 3M ago

Fill Your Kindle for Christmas Only 99¢ Each!

These five Kindle books/novellas are on sale for ONLY 99 CENTS EACH from now through Christmas. Happy shopping!
Ann's Afterthoughts · 3M ago

Another Writing Tip

Another writing tip from someone wiser. But I'd finish the quote with one more line ... I'll bolt the door and then I'll write.
Ann's Afterthoughts · 3M ago

Easy to Write

Why is it easier to write when I know I have only a few minutes? Is it a form of procrastination? The Freudian flip-side, perhaps?  If I have a whole day to devote to my characters--or they to me, as the case may be--then I find a hundred little thin...
Ann's Afterthoughts · 4M ago

Only $500 What a Steal!

Just came across a paperback copy of my STEVIE-GIRL AND THE PHANTOM STUDENT on Amazon for only $500. I guess someone will snap that right up. LOL Now, I'm interested in readers' opinions on whether it is necessary to have t...