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Antiques And Teacups · 2d ago

Our Prince Harry and Meghan Royal Wedding Mugs Have Arrived

In time for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018, we have received the bone china mugs we ordered from England.The mugs come in their own gift box and have a w...
Antiques And Teacups · 6d ago

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Titanic China

Hello and welcome to a Tuesday Cuppa Tea remembering Titanic...the unsinkable ocean liner that sunk after hitting an iceberg on the night of April 14th thru 15th, 1912.The famous White Star ...
Antiques And Teacups · 1W ago

Tuesday Cuppa Tea New Computer Royal Wedding Teacups and Royal Wedding Cakes

Hi there and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!I am back on a computer as of Friday, a week after having to replace the hard drive and subsequent problems with getting my business QuickBooks soft...
Antiques And Teacups · 3W ago

Computer Upgrade This Week, No Tuesday Cuppa Tea

I hope you had a lovely Easter...we had heavy winds, so allergies have kept me out of commission for the last couple of days and also...while renewing my annual business back-up software on ...
Antiques And Teacups · 4W ago

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Spring, Easter, Shelley Joys

Hello my friends and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea for the last week in March. Where did the month go????Although this is an English Robin on a flowering branch, this is the source of the fle...
Antiques And Teacups · 1M ago

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Irish Farewell Around Here, First Day Of Spring

Hi's a shortened Tuesday Cuppa Tea due to...Life!We have had plumbing problems, needed to replace the kitchen faucet that revealed problems, had a computer problem and spring alle...
Antiques And Teacups · 1M ago

Tuesday Cuppa Tea With Irish Still Going On!

Welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea....another St. Patrick's Day edition!  It just keeps showing up!Aye and begarra but everyone is Irish this time of year! I have the corned beef, cabbage, potatoe...
Antiques And Teacups · 1M ago

Don't Forget Clocks Change Tonight!

Just a reminder for my US blogging friends...Daylight Savings time "Spring(s) Forward..."tonight!March 10-11th....
Antiques And Teacups · 1M ago

Tuesday Cuppa Tea Irish Things

Hello and welcome to my Irish tea for St. Patrick's Day tea edition of Tuesday Cuppa Tea!I hope that Irish Eyes are smiling for you this week! It's
Antiques And Teacups · 1M ago

Tuesday Cuppa Tea For Wales St. David's Day, Welsh Cakes

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea for Saint David's Day!March 1st is traditionally the National holiday of Wales and I am celebrating today for Tuesday Cuppa Tea.The national flower of ...