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ApocalypseEquipped A place for me to review the various rugged, nifty and needf

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ApocalypseEquipped · 1M ago

Wish-Lust: Go Outfitters UnderQuilt.

Here's a pre-emptive Kickstarter post for the new project by GO! Outfitters, who bought us one of my favorite camping hammocks, the  asymmetrical GO! Hammock  and the outer-shell for it, the...
ApocalypseEquipped · 1M ago

Book Review

So it seems someone signed me up for Recoil's OFFGRID. Awesome surprise when I got home. Review to follow. 
ApocalypseEquipped · 1M ago

Review: khukri

One of the first "real" pieces of weapon-steel I ever bought for myself was a khukri that I purchased on-auction back in 1997, with wages from a part time job I had at the time. It was a WW2...
ApocalypseEquipped · 1M ago

Talkin' Strayin! (Aussie Slang, A through D)

So, some of you readers may have noticed a slight antipodean lilt to my writing's accent. It's not all con. I spell aluminium and colour weird, and you should wait till you hear me talk! I c...
ApocalypseEquipped · 2M ago

Brain Injury and the Apocalypse Eqipped

So, I haven't been posting much recently, mostly due to medical problems i've had. here's the breakdown; Health update: i'm doing really well, recovering my faculties and abilities at a good...
ApocalypseEquipped · 4M ago

Home Front: Old Melb Gaol grounds.

So .. .long time no post from me.LONG STORY SHORT: I had a "massive stroke" that was luckily caught really early so I have been making " a remarkable recovery" at the expense of a lot of mot...
ApocalypseEquipped · 6M ago

Home Front: Stabbing Lcpl Schmuckatelli

Here's a bit of fun I had a weekend or so ago. I have used polyethylene cutting boards as faux armour inserts for some time for my roleplaying and MilSim purposes. They're about the right si...
ApocalypseEquipped · 6M ago

Review: LimeFuel - Limeade Blast 18000mAh charger

I was asked "what piece of gear do you think you'd be pissed, if you went out and left behind?" and I had a hard time coming up with a single item, as I have a lot of redundancy in my EDC. H...
ApocalypseEquipped · 6M ago

Wish Lust: Nubé Stratos Kickstarter

I had to get this out to you all. The makes of the camping hammock tent system, that I love, the Nube, from designers Sierra Madre Research, have a Kickstarter going with a new and improved ...
ApocalypseEquipped · 6M ago

Wish Lust: Green Traveler

Here is a neat container that is being Kickstarted that I was quite keen on. I have a number of survival caches, but they are all pretty small, such as the neat aluminium Sentinel-X by Ti2 a...