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Apostrophe Catastrophes · 9M ago

Cuban Cigars Catastrophe

In honor of Fidel Castro, I thought I would choose this catastrophe for today.Craig spotted this sign in Mexico, so perhaps we can forgive the sign makers as English is not their first language. I, however, cannot be forgiven for waiting three years ...
Apostrophe Catastrophes · 11M ago

Cursed Catastrophe in Salem

I've lived in Massachusetts for most of my life, and I've been to Salem several times, but I've never been there during Halloween season! Two of my best friends live there now and are moving...
Apostrophe Catastrophes · 1Y ago

I Had to Buy One Anyway

I went to a minor league baseball game last night, and it turned out to be Princess Night! They had various princesses wandering around the stadium, fireworks, and even an apostrophe catastrophe on the sign advertising tiaras. I made my fiancé buy me...
Apostrophe Catastrophes · 1Y ago

This Might Give You Nightmares

Wow, I am really really really behind on posting apostrophe catastrophes, but I just found this gem that Terry sent in from a record store in Stockholm.There is just nothing OK about this. S...
Apostrophe Catastrophes · 1Y ago

The Team Lets Go

The Celtics were looking pretty pitiful last night, and their season is now over. I don't think it was because of this poorly punctuated sign, but it certainly didn't help. Better luck next year, C's!
Apostrophe Catastrophes · 1Y ago

I Wanna Be Famous!

This morning, I heard on the radio that this new movie with Mark Wahlberg about the marath...
Apostrophe Catastrophes · 1Y ago

Global Warming Catastrophe

Well, it was 70 degrees on Christmas, but I don't think any Bostonians are buying grills on New Year's Eve. And certainly not with this apostrophe catastrophe attached. Happy New Year, y'all!
Apostrophe Catastrophes · 1Y ago

33.33% Correct

Sitting at Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square with my brother, Charlie, I noticed that the menu spells Charlie's three different ways, only one of which is correct. So close to Harvard University, yet so far away...
Apostrophe Catastrophes · 1Y ago

I Envy Their Lack of Caring About Punctuation

Sometimes, caring about punctuation can be a burden, but this shop in the UK clearly doesn...
Apostrophe Catastrophes · 1Y ago

Don't Give Up the Apostrophe

This sign was outside the bathroom at the world-famous Woodman's of Essex. I forgive them,...