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Architecture Tourist · 1M ago

Keeping Morrow Weird: Branch Library by Scogin, Elam, and Bray

It was my birthday and I am the Architecture Tourist after all. I was in Stockbridge, Google said it was only eight minutes to the Carol Cobb Turner Branch Library in Morrow by Scogin, Elam,...
Architecture Tourist · 2M ago

The thing about Neel Reid is...I'm not sure.

The "thing about Neel Reid" for me is that his houses make me feel great, welcome, comfortable, human.Though he died at age 40 in 1926 J. Neel Reid remains Atlanta's most esteemed architect....
Architecture Tourist · 3M ago

Growing Atlanta's Preservation Community

We are all so busy. So how can we engage Atlanta’s enthusiasts, activists, its energy, and generous spirit? Please join me Sunday, March 26, 4:30pm at the Atlanta Preservation Center and le...
Architecture Tourist · 4M ago

They Tore It Down the Next Day

I'll be dog if they didn't tear it down the very next day. It was at 2348 Hosea Williams where Second Avenue crosses Hosea - a forlorn corner that's coming back.I've been passing here for mo...
Architecture Tourist · 5M ago

"People Are People's Greatest Joy" - Terry's Tiny Book Review

This slide "got" me, led me to a 1980 book and to a mesmerizing video about human nature.It just so happens that my two favorite presentations in the last decate were about "placemaking" the...
Architecture Tourist · 5M ago

"People Are People's Greatest Joy" - Terry's Tiny Book Review

Architecture Tourist · 5M ago

Reading "Happy City" Made Me Sad - Terry's Tiny Book Review

I just don't know what's wrong me. I am the worst advocate ever. And here we have this terrific source book for urban advocates which I claim to be. And doesn't everyone want happier cities ...
Architecture Tourist · 6M ago

People, street trees, & buildings share a comparable life expectancy, about 80 years

Building life expectancy:  "There's a lot of spread in that. The average residential building lasts about  150 years, but the average Walmart or a (not so hot) apartment complex last 10 or 1...
Architecture Tourist · 7M ago

1981 - Georgia Power Moved Four Blocks & Abandoned Downtown

All the folks I knew at Georgia Power / Southern Company worked at the corner of Peachtree and Baker. In 1981 they moved to the new Georgia Power Corporate Headquarters. Georgia Power moved ...
Architecture Tourist · 7M ago

Michael Kleeman - J. Neel Reid Prize Winner, 2002 focus on Sebastiano Serlio

Heck of a night August 13. It was the BlackCatTips (Kyle Brooks) solo show for the Art Institute of Atlanta. I met Kyle's mom and dad, I met Nicole Jacobs, and I met Michael Kleeman, the Aca...