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Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 3W ago

Most ordered of our "Creations"

What are "our creations"?   The products that we make in house.  Perhaps blends of essential oils, perhaps massage blends or roll-ons from those blends, perhaps skincare products using bases...
Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 4W ago

Most ordered - hydrosols, carriers, etc.

The hydrosols you ordered the most of in 2017:Rose HydrosolHelichrysum HydrosolNeroli Hydrosol Frankincense HydrosolRoman Chamomile HydrosolWe weren't really surprised about the top four,  b...
Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 1M ago

2017 Most Ordered

Some time last week I pulled a report on ALL the products sold in 2017, and had fun playing with the numbers.  We have to look at the products that are not selling, and say goodbye. We have ...
Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 1M ago

Aromatherapy for Pet Birds

Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 1M ago

Starting the year with Gratitude

Over the holidays we received wonderful feedback from several different people who said that our oils made a difference.  There is no greater gift...that is what keeps us going. As we begin ...
Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 1M ago

Once more with feeling:

from today's email:Are your oils ingestible?If you INSIST on ingesting, ours are most definitely the quality you need; however please read this...
Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 2M ago

Thanksgiving Best Sellers

Now that the dust has settled,  I took a minute to see what you all ordered over the various Thanksgiving sales.In reverse order:10th place:  Lemon oil, 15 mls9th place:    Holiday Joy  5 ml...
Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 2M ago

Vaping EOs????

I could have sworn I wrote about this before, but when members of our own staff ask why we aren't offering these things.. it's time for another rant!I answered this question in another venue...
Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 3M ago

Halloween Best Sellers

Halloween Best SellersIn case you are curious about what your neighbors bought:In TENTH Place... a three way tie:  Katfray 15 ml tied with German Chamomile CO2 Select and Siberian Fir CO2 5 ...
Aromatherapy at Nature's Gift · 3M ago

Somalia problems - Myrrh

Just so you know.  For a year or so I've been hearing rumors of problems with products from Somalia.  Political unrest, primarily, and more climate problems.This week I was told by one of my...