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Arrow Prayers · 11M ago

Grant Me Peace

O Lord, my day's work is over, bless all that I have done aright, and forgive all that has been wrong,and for the remaining hours of this day grant me the peace and rest that come from Thee ...
Arrow Prayers · 12M ago

Tread Lightly

Help me to tread lightly when it comes to words that can cause pain or disagreement.(Patricia Lorenz in Daily Guideposts - 2014, 9 August)2 April 2016
Arrow Prayers · 12M ago

God's Word

Thank You, God, for Your Word.It instructs me how to live.It brings joy to my days and gives me strength when I am weak.Amen.(Prayers From The Heart, Day 81)1 April 2016
Arrow Prayers · 12M ago

This Day

Father, please give me the strength togo through this [day] with a good attitude.Help me to keep my joy.Help me to keep my peace.(Joel Osteen, Become a Better You, p. 265)31 March 2016
Arrow Prayers · 12M ago

Courage To Change

Dear God, give me the courage to change the things I can.(The Christophers, Three Minutes A Day, 25 October)30 March 2016
Arrow Prayers · 12M ago

What Can I Do?

Ask the Lord, in your morning meditation, what you can do each day for yourself and others.(after Daily Reflections, 12 November)29 March 2016
Arrow Prayers · 12M ago

School Prayer

O God, who hast made all things beautiful: give me a love of Thy countryside, its lanes and meadows, its woods and streams, and clean open spaces, and let me keep it fresh and unspoilt for t...
Arrow Prayers · 1Y ago


Hallelujah!The impossible has happened: the tomb is empty; Christ lives among and within us!May we see signs of resurrection in everything around us today.May we celebrate hope and new life:...
Arrow Prayers · 1Y ago

Suffer In Silence

Photo by: Mr. Dickie - Emmitsburg, MDThe great duty of the religious soul is to suffer in silence. Too many men think they can become holy by talking about their trials. The awful fuss we so...
Arrow Prayers · 1Y ago

Good Friday

Lord, let my eyes see Your gracious hand in all Your works and let me rejoice in Your creations.(Day By Day, 20 September)25 March 2016