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ars technica · 6m ago

Federal watchdog tells Equifax—no $7.25 million IRS contract for you

Equifax-IRS ordeal exposes the strangeness of the government contracting system.
ars technica · 1h ago

More than 4,000MW of coal power slated for retirement in Texas. But why?

In 2008, coal supplied 51% of US power. Today, it’s 31%, and that could fall.
ars technica · 1h ago

FCC’s DDoS claims will be investigated by government

GAO will investigate after Democrats asked for evidence that attacks happened.
ars technica · 2h ago

Fall Update for Xbox One aims to look better, be more customizable, and faster

The new system software also lets you prepare to upgrade to Xbox One X.
ars technica · 5d ago

Bay Area: Join us 10/18 to talk to co-writer of Star Wars: Rogue One

Gary Whitta will talk to us about his career as a screenwriter and author in Hollywood.
ars technica · 4h ago

Desktop Outlook will get a redesign with the biggest changes happening on Macs

Microsoft will apply different design sensibilities for each desktop platform.
ars technica · 4h ago

The search for painless Internet privacy gets another boost with InvizBox 2

Successor to Tor "travel router" focuses on protecting traffic from "harvesting" by ISPs.
ars technica · 4h ago

The Evil Within 2 review: Open-ended fright

Survival horror sequel finds new life in its own nooks, crannies, and open areas.
ars technica · 5h ago

First iPhone X batch reportedly only contains 46,500 units

Apple's TrueDepth camera may be holding things up.
ars technica · 5h ago

London’s sky turns red Monday, but we can’t blame pollution

Ophelia's circulation is so large it's bringing dust from Africa into England.