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ars technica · 25m ago

Comcast bug made it shockingly easy to steal customers’ Wi-Fi passwords

Activation site leaked passwords in plain text to anyone with an account number.
ars technica · 1h ago

Razer slims down Blade, debuts macOS-compatible eGPU enclosure

The new Blade with a 15-inch display, Max-Q graphics, and more starts at $1,899.
ars technica · 2h ago

Days Gone world premiere hands-on: Have you played a zombie game before?

We wanted more from our skin-deep look at this PS4-exclusive zombie-biker game.
ars technica · 2h ago

Has Amazon stepped up to save The Expanse from cancellation?

Jeff Bezos' team is in talks to rescue the recently cancelled space opera.
ars technica · 2h ago

The SpaceX rocket used for the ill-fated Zuma mission to fly again today

The company will also make another attempt to recover a payload fairing.
ars technica · 6d ago

The Rocket Report newsletter launches on Thursday

The launch industry is booming. We want to cover it better.
ars technica · 19h ago

T-Mobile should stop claiming it has “Best Unlimited Network,” ad group says

T-Mobile won speed tests but didn't prove it had best coverage and reliability.
ars technica · 19h ago

Vaccination method that wiped out smallpox gets unleashed today on Ebola

As Ebola outbreak flares, experimental vaccine gets trial by fire.
ars technica · 20h ago

Analysis: Player interest in Call of Duty’s campaigns is cratering

Less than 10 percent of PC/Xbox players finished Black Ops 3's single-player story.
ars technica · 20h ago

2,000 years ago in Denmark, a fierce battle left dozens dead

Months after the battle, people ritually damaged remains and put them under water.