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ars technica · 1h ago

Despite what Mylan said, its price hikes hit patients’ wallets hard

Company continually said patients were shielded by insurance and discounts.
ars technica · 2h ago

Microsoft sued for millions over Windows 10 upgrades

Class action accuses operating system of causing hard drive failures and other problems.
ars technica · 2h ago

Activists want to know why feds are searching more devices at the border

"As a matter of policy, DHS does not comment on pending litigation."
ars technica · 5h ago

A tour of iOS 10.3: Checking out APFS, the Settings app, and other tweaks

New update is likely to be iOS 10's last hurrah.
ars technica · 5h ago

macOS 10.12.4 update brings Night Shift to the Mac and not much else

Sierra's fourth major update imports one more feature from iOS.
ars technica · 5h ago

Spinach leaf transforms into sheet of beating human heart cells

With seeded cells, tissue engineers hope to harvest flesh from plants.
ars technica · 6h ago

Apple releases watchOS 3.2 with new Theater Mode and SiriKit

Making the Apple Watch less of a spectacle, while adding to voice commands.
ars technica · 6h ago

Samsung’s Note 7 recycling plan includes reselling the device in some countries

What do you do with 4.3 million defective smartphones?
ars technica · 7h ago

Uncovered iPad bomb plot blamed for electronics ban on some flights

Explosives hidden in a fake iPad "appeared to be as good as the real thing."
ars technica · 7h ago

Uber quickly resumes self-driving tests despite weekend traffic crash [Updated]

A human driver failed to yield, but Uber only hit the brakes on its program temporarily.