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ars technica · 11h ago

Who Soiled the Toilet? is your next party game (about pooping on the floor)

Social deduction—finally—meets poop chips.
ars technica · 13h ago

Fastest magnetic read/write ever is incredibly energy efficient

Tiny magnets in transparent garnet can be read and written with light.
ars technica · 15h ago

A really obscure forgotten audio format: “Talking rubber”

Iron oxide was mixed with rubber and molded into a 1/8" band that could be reused.
ars technica · 1d ago

Kaléo reveals the price of its Epipen alternative: $4,500

But don’t worry, the drug maker says, you won’t pay that… just insurance companies.
ars technica · 1d ago

Apple sues Qualcomm, saying chipmaker withheld $1B as “extortion”

Suit claims payment was withheld after Apple talked to Korean regulators.
ars technica · 1d ago

Already on probation, Symantec issues more illegit HTTPS certificates

At least 108 Symantec certificates threatened the integrity of the encrypted Web.
ars technica · 1d ago

Head of US Patent Office Michelle Lee will remain under President Trump

Ex-Google lawyer who supported Obama-era patent reform proposals will stay.
ars technica · 1d ago

Axanar Productions, Paramount, and CBS settle Star Trek copyright lawsuit

Axanar says it’s “not paying anything,” will turn its feature into two 15-minute shorts.
ars technica · 1d ago

FCC to be led by Ajit Pai, staunch opponent of consumer protection rules

Ex-Verizon lawyer Pai will take “weed whacker” to net neutrality under Trump.
ars technica · 1d ago

In the latest xXx movie, can Xander Cage save the world from IoT?

The “underground blogger” action hero is back to stop evil connected devices.