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ars technica · 3h ago

Judge: No, feds can’t nab all Apple devices and try everyone’s fingerprints

"Such Fourth Amendment intrusions are [not] justified based on the facts articulated."
ars technica · 11h ago

Tesla posts a Q4 loss but the company’s revenue grows amid acquisitions

Tesla plans 3 more Gigafactories, will have service, manufacturing expenses.
ars technica · 14h ago

How Blizzard distilled Overwatch’s hope from Project Titan’s failure

Finding "room for positivity and inclusiveness" in "a dark situation."
ars technica · 14h ago

Marathon runner’s tracked data exposes phony time, cover-up attempt

A cut corner, a retraced route on a bike, and the Garmin tracker that exposed the lies.
ars technica · 15h ago

T-Mobile promises big LTE boost from 5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies

T-Mobile deploys LTE-U tech that shares unlicensed spectrum with Wi-Fi.
ars technica · 15h ago

Threat via Whisper prompts FBI to show up: “holy f**k I’m… going to get raided”

Seriously, don't post violent threats on "anonymous" messaging apps.
ars technica · 15h ago

New Pruitt e-mails surface, automakers ask EPA to soften fuel economy rules

Days after the former Oklahoma AG became EPA administrator, the job gets complicated.
ars technica · 15h ago

Divided federal appeals court rules you have the right to film the police

Filming cops, 2-1 court rules, ensures that they "are not abusing their power."
ars technica · 16h ago

Dealmaster: Get a Samsung HDR-ready TV plus a $500 gift card for $1,499

And deals on 4K laptops, gaming bundles, cameras, and more.
ars technica · 16h ago

Ars Technica Live: What to do when border officials ask for your passwords

Law professor Ahmed Ghappour tells us about changing rights at the US border.