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Art Chick Studio · 7M ago

Believe in Your Own Magic Mixed Media Girl Fairy

I can't tell you how glad I was to be able to get into my studio two weekends in a row for a change! My weeks are still busy with grad school and hanging out with the grands, so I can't alwa...
Art Chick Studio · 7M ago

La Beaute Mixed Media Girl

Now that I'm off work for the summer, I finally had a chance to get back into my studio and finish this painting that I began over Spring Break. I call her La Beauté. She was created with wa...
Art Chick Studio · 8M ago

MJ Dangerous Digital Art

I was in the mood for some Michael Jackson digital art today. And since Dangerous is one of my favorite MJ songs, this is inspired by that song and MJ's awesome performances of Dangerous.Wha...
Art Chick Studio · 8M ago

Dylan's Sunflower Digital Art

In the past I shared a photo of my grandson Dylan's Sunflower. I've always loved that sunflower he planted. So I was flipping through some of my photos and digital art and decided to share t...
Art Chick Studio · 8M ago

Angelina Redux

I've been in the mood for creating digital art the last few days. And today I decided to play around with a photo of one of my old celebrity oil paintings and make some digital art out of it...
Art Chick Studio · 8M ago

Spring Tulip

I love Spring. I love when the earth is coming alive and everything is in bloom!These tulips were so beautiful...I had to snap a pic! Spring never lasts long enough, so I enjoy it as much as...
Art Chick Studio · 8M ago

Jerusha Digital Art

I felt like doing some genealogy today, and some digital art. So I combined those two loves into this digital art of my third great grandmother, Jerusha Harmon (Sutton) Templeton.I love this...
Art Chick Studio · 9M ago

Mucha-Inspired Mixed Media Girl WIP

After purchasing a wonderful art book on the works of Alphonse Mucha recently, I was inspired to start working on this mixed media girl with the peony in her hair. She isn't finished yet. I ...
Art Chick Studio · 10M ago

Hey Girl - Paint Covered Shirt

I may be an oddball, but the Hey, Girl memes will never get old to me. And I love Ryan Gosling anyway. :)I have lots of paint-covered shirts. ;)
Art Chick Studio · 11M ago

With Brave Wings She Flies Mixed Media Girl

Well I finally managed to find time to get back in the studio, after about 2 months of not being able to. It felt so good to be back in there and getting creative again! I had just gotten so...