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Arthur in the garden! · 21h ago

View in the garden today…..

View in the garden today….. The path from the front porch to the drive and the Fiat!
Arthur in the garden! · 1W ago

Time to plant the garden!!

Hot weather is here to stay therefore its time to plant the vegetable garden and the weather affords us the opportunity to explore the parks before the weather is too hot and humid. I finall...
Arthur in the garden! · 3W ago

Favorite Southern Writers

Originally posted on So Does That Mean I'm SOUTHERN?: Today, I want to share a list of my favorite Southern writers.  I read for pleasure and fun so you will see that most of my list would n...
Arthur in the garden! · 1M ago

Late cold snaps continue!

Many Spring blooming plants have completed their bloom even though we have had a few cold snaps and the light snow. The ipheion ate blooming and are lovely small flowering bulbs which form a...
Arthur in the garden! · 1M ago

Sunday snow

We had a little bit of snow the past Sunday! Of course, it was gone by lunch! 
Arthur in the garden! · 1M ago

Removal of the lightning strike tree

The large pine which was stuck by lightning last Fall has finally been removed. It was dropped in sections and, unfortunately, they also removed the 10-year old camellia which was in front o...
Arthur in the garden! · 1M ago

Azaleas have begun to blooom in Raleigh!

Azaleas have begun to blooom I Raleigh! And it’s only February 28th! The golden blooms of Kiera:   The warm weather also encourages me to grill. Pork chops grilled after marinating for a few...
Arthur in the garden! · 1M ago

Repost from a vegan cooking site: Aquafaba: A Magical Egg Substitute (Gluten Free & Egg Free Brownies That Taste Like the Real Deal)

Originally posted on Life in the Van: A few months ago I stumbled upon a recipe using aquafaba as an egg replacement.  I was intrigued as to what aquafaba actually was.  With a little invest...
Arthur in the garden! · 1M ago

80f today?

Very warm weather here in the Piedmont of North Carolina! It is February and the temperatures will be almost 80! Spring has arrived! Lunch is rice with onions and broccoli in a very spicy vi...
Arthur in the garden! · 2M ago

81f on 12Feb2017!

Really? 81f on 12Feb2017! But you know who says there is no such thing as global warming! 😏