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Artist In Training · 3M ago

New Work

"Topiary" 30x24 oil"Picnic" 24x18 oil
Artist In Training · 8M ago

It's A Black & White World

Lately I've been living in a black and white world.  I'm taking a class and one of the lessons was to take a reference photo and do it in B&W to see the value of shadow and light.  What fun,...
Artist In Training · 9M ago

New Stuff, New Learning

Snicklefritz spent the night with me last week because I was supposed to have my interview with the film class and they asked that she be there because we paint together.  Sadly the wires we...
Artist In Training · 9M ago

Easel This and That

I realized this early morning that I had not posted since Christmas and surely my easel has not been empty.  I'm trying to stay away from negative "THOUGHTS" with all that is going on so I w...
Artist In Training · 11M ago

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to one and all this morning.  I've been painting or thinking about painting or watching videos about painting A LOT lately.  Seem a bit obsessed but I gues...
Artist In Training · 1Y ago

Ribbons, Ribbons

Guess What!!!The Alpha Rho Tau show opening last night was AWESOME!  I took first place, blue ribbon for my Topiary I worked on all summer long.  So very, very excited.  I love that I saw th...
Artist In Training · 1Y ago

Apples and Lemons

"Apples and Lemons"20 x 16 oil on linenAVAILABLE
Artist In Training · 1Y ago

Journey's, Workshops, and Shows

I have been absent too long from this blog and I apologize...not really!  Having fun is never to be apologized for!  First of all I have to share that there is an upcoming art show starting ...
Artist In Training · 1Y ago


I know I have shared at the beginning of this painting some photos of the process but now it is FINALLY finished and here we are..."TOPIARY"30 x 24oil on linen canvas It all started with a t...
Artist In Training · 1Y ago

Daniel Keys Workshop 2016 Edition

Yes I have been "workshopping" again and yes it was just last fall that we learned under the tutlage of Daniel Keys.  This kid, and I say kid, because he is the same age as my youngest, is a...