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Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 1W ago

Kings Beach Art Banners

Art Banners on Kings Beach Streetlights.North Tahoe Business Association celebrates the completion of the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project with 15 original art banners on stre...
Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 3W ago

Summer II

More of That Summer InspirationI spend hours on Lake Tahoe in my kayak and rowing shell. Frequently I pass by this particular stack of boulders which always looks different depending on lake...
Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 1M ago

Jumping Into Summer

Tahoe Time of YearView From the Board14 x 11Acrylic on Canvas$360It's Summer!  That means gathering inspiration from paddling and rowing on Lake Tahoe then taking it into the studio to devel...
Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 2M ago

New Beginning

Tahoe RocksCrystal Bay Boulders48 x 48Acrylic on CanvasIt's the time of year when the call of massive boulders and crystal clear Tahoe water take over the studio. 
Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 3M ago

Taking A Break

A Welcome BreakA Lesson LearnedSlabs I48 x48Acrylic on CanvasSometimes it is necessary to change the routine, take a break, do something new and different.  It's part of the process of recha...
Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 6M ago


Tell Me A Story:  Women In The ArtsThis Thursday, January 19, is the opening of the exhibition, Tell Me A Story:  Women in the Arts. This promises to be an exciting exhibition, showcasing 95...
Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 6M ago

A New Year

New BeginningsWork in ProgressA new year brings fresh, new beginnings, unless you have an unfinished painting, so this morning I find myself standing in front of the easel working towards co...
Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 6M ago

Invitational Exhibition VI

The Work is Completed.Let Me Tell You A Story - With Book Of Faces18 x 24"Mixed MediaThe work has been turned over to the La Quinta Museum for the upcoming invitational exhibitionMy piece of...
Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 7M ago

Invitational Exhibition V

The Project AdvancesA picture is worth 1000 words.  You've heard that before, and it certainly is a true statement.  So here are several photos showing more progress on my piece for Women In...
Artist Pamela Hunt Lee · 7M ago

Invitational Exhibition IV

Working the CanvasIf you read the last post, you know my Book of Faces for this invitational exhibition at the La Quinta Museum, Women In Art:  Tell Me A Story, was completed and the work on...