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Artists Tell · 6d ago

Ann Phong, Mixed Media Artist, Tells Her Story

Images attract me. Every since I was young my mother allowed me to walk home from elementary school. Following the path to my house, I wandered through my whole neighborhood. House after hou...
Artists Tell · 1W ago

The Big Reveal: 52 New Artists Tell Their Stories in 2018

Artists Tell · 3W ago

Hiep Cao Nguyen, Creator of Circle Painting, Tells His Story

At the height of the Vietnam War in 1967, I began my life journey in Saigon. My mom, uncle and aunt were musicians and teachers, so I grew up in a home filled with music. After school, my si...
Artists Tell · 4W ago

Roslyn Zinner, Mosaic Artist, Tells Her Story

Artists Tell · 1M ago

Aklilu Temesgen, Painter, Tells His Story

What drives me to the art world is my childhood desire to create something out of found objects -- collecting small things that I found in my surroundings and using them to create something ...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Kim Reyes, Makeup, SFX & Body Paint Artist, Tells Her Story

Being a Navy brat, I moved to a different city and/or country every three years and being an extremely shy child, I found comfort in drawing, painting and dressing up my menagerie of pets in...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Cynthia Farrell Johnson, Painter, Tells Her Story

I feel driven to create art -- it’s like breathing – I can’t live without it! There has never been a time in my life when I have not been drawing or painting ideas that popped into my head. ...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Patrice Kennedy, Poet, Writer, Illustrator & Expressive Artist, Tells Her Story

Artists Tell · 2M ago

Sheri Nadelman, Musician, Tells Her Story

I am a musician. It took me a very long time to feel worthy of saying that about myself. I sing, I play the guitar and I write songs. I’ve always written. I’ve always sung. I’ve always wante...
Artists Tell · 2M ago

Gila Rayberg, Mosaic Artist, Tells Her Story

So, what do playing trombone and making mosaics have in common? (sounds like the start of a bad joke!) Patience, practice, technique, tools, discipline, repetitive ... repeat ... repetitive ...