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Artists Tell · 3d ago

Jeffrey MacMillan, Photographer, Tells His Story

Increasingly I find myself moved by music, as I barrel along. For many years I have been a professional photographer. Not surprisingly these two roads had to cross.  Matt Munisteri
Artists Tell · 1W ago

Ahmed Ibrahim, Mosaic Artist, Tells His Story

When I was a little child and my friends were enjoying playing outside, I found that I preferred to stay indoors with my colors, pencils and paper. I wanted to imagine and create images as b...
Artists Tell · 2W ago

Cornell Kinderknecht, Musician, Tells His Story

“I Need to Know”
Artists Tell · 3W ago

Marcos Smyth, Ephemeral Sculptor, Tells His Story

After many years of working with welded metals, creating sculptures, I returned to working with wood and mixed media. Driftwood that I collected on walks along the Potomac River shores held ...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Jen Rouse, Poet & Playwright, Tells Her Story

I have never found writing to be cathartic, but I have always found it to be mine — a form of creating that has never left or been taken from me. And, for that, I am certainly grateful. I
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Antoine Hunter, Deaf Dancer, Tells His Story

Antoine Hunter - photo credit RJ Muna
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Jim Copening, Chef, Tells His Story

My life began in the Bronx, New York. When I was 2, my parents decided they wanted my siblings and I to grow up outside of the big city, so they loaded all 5 kids in the back of the car and ...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Padma Prasad, Painter & Poet/Writer, Tells Her Story

I always thought and think of myself as a poet, a wr
Artists Tell · 2M ago

Wayne T. Wright, Musician, Tells His Story

Artists Tell · 2M ago

Alan Binstock, Sculptor, Tells His Story

My sculptor’s career was informed by a career as architect at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Ce