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Artists Tell · 10h ago

Patricia Zannie, Collage Artist, Tells Her Story

I’ve been in love with color since I held my first crayon. Over 75yrs later, I’m still using crayons in my “fauvist-like” mixed media collages, using colorful strips of pattern, origami/pape...
Artists Tell · 1w ago

Jennifer S. Jones, Digital Storyteller, Tells Her Story

Truth will come from story. A friend once shared this wisdom and as I have navigated the twists and turns of my life as an artist, his words always come back to me: “Truth will come from sto...
Artists Tell · 2W ago

Heather C. Williams, Visual Artist, Tells Her Story

Artists Tell · 3W ago

Krista Bjorn, Book Author & Photographer, Tells Her Story

Artists Tell · 4W ago

Robin Antar, Stone Sculptor, Tells Her Story

It’s been a long journey. Born in New Jersey, I moved with my family to Brooklyn, New York as a teen and learned to carve stone as a means of survival. The social scene at Lincoln High Schoo...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Sculptor Sarah Thee Campagna of CyberCraft Robots Tells Her Story

Crying with shame I told my sister, “You have no time, no space, and no money, but you’re making art. I have access to all of those and haven’t really created anything in 3 years.” So she se...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Ellyn Weiss, Visual Artist & Curator, Tells Her Story

My work reflects an ongoing effort to integrate my two polestars: first, a commitment to environmental sustainability and scientific truth and second, my sheer delight
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Julian Douglas, Musician / Composer / Producer, Tells His Story

I've always loved rhythm - but not because it connects me to the "heartbeat of the earth,
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Gale Fulton Ross, Mixed-Media Painter, Tells Her Story

Artists Tell · 2M ago

Bonnie Brown, Hoop Dancer, Tells Her Story