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Artists Tell · 1d ago

Skip Dyrda, Muralist and More, Tells His Story

I know it sounds obvious for an artist to say this, but . . . I create. That's what I do. Sure, the bulk of my work is painting murals, but that's not my only creative outlet. In fact, just ...
Artists Tell · 1W ago

Jane Hickey Caminos, Activist Artist, Tells Her Story

Artists Tell · 2W ago

Frank Linn, Chef, Tells His Story

Growing up, we lived on 10 acres land on which we raised chickens, had a large vegetable garden and a small orchard. We grew our own food, canned food for the winter, and created meals from ...
Artists Tell · 3W ago

Judith Peck, Painter, Tells Her Story

Artists Tell · 4W ago

Bill Farnsworth, Painter, Tells His Story

Artists Tell · 1M ago

Warren Alan Jackson, Painter, Tells His Story

The first painting is a part of my beginning and is of my father's parents. My grandfather was a school teacher in the early 1900's; his name was Shaper, a very well known name at that time ...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Patrick Henry, Painter, Tells His Story

When I became an adult, my mother told me that one of her girlfriends was concerned about me when I was a child. Seemed she observed that while my siblings were bustling about doing what chi...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Bryan Jacobs, Chef & Founder of Vets2Success, Tells His Story

Artists Tell · 1M ago

Joe Ganech, Digital Artist, Tells His Story

I am a digital artist, born in Spain and grew up in Belgium. I spent my first 4 years living with my paternal grandmother in Spain because my parents, like thousands of Spaniards of that tim...
Artists Tell · 2M ago

Alexandra N. Sherman, Watercolorist, Tells Her Story

I have always used art as a tool to process what is going on around and within me. I believe what I now call the landscape of the mind has always been the focus of my work despite my having ...