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Artists Tell · 1d ago

Bonnie Brown, Hoop Dancer, Tells Her Story

Artists Tell · 6d ago

Nikki Serra, Ceramicist, Tells Her Story

I grew up in Nebraska and spent a lot of time on my grandparent’s ranch a few miles from my home. There, I played in the barn with the kittens and in the yard with Grandpa’s Airedales, watch...
Artists Tell · 2W ago

Doug D'souza, Jewelry Designer, Tells His Story

My journey as a maker started with first being a breaker. As a child, I was fascinated with technology and had a deep desire to understand how things worked. I would meticulously take my toy...
Artists Tell · 3W ago

Hilde Lambrechts, Ceramic Artist, Tells Her Story

My name is Hilde Lambrechts. I am a Canadian ceramic artist since 2012. I see art as a form of communication. Naturally, my artistic expression changes with the nature of that conversation.
Artists Tell · 4W ago

Veronica Szalus, Industrial Design, Sculptor, Tells Her Story

My path to creating installation art has been influenced by my studies in industrial design and a deep interest in creating environmental pieces that explore the both the conceptual and phys...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Jim Pastor, Singer/Songwriter & Musician, Tells His Story

"Art is not meant to feel good," he said. "It's a way of life."And then I woke up. I'd been dreaming I was hanging out with a classmate from high school. He was one of those prodigies, the o...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Lisa Bick, Mixed Media Encaustic Artist, Tells Her Story

Sometimes my muse may be as simple as the grays, blacks and whites of a sycamore tree’s bark or the high altitude desert plants on my daily hikes in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Other tim...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Lorrie Anne Minicozzi, Graphite Artist, Tells Her Story

My artistic story begins the day I was able to pick up a pencil.  Even at a young age I was fortunate to have inherent dexterity and any painting tool or drawing instrument felt natural crad...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Jeffrey MacMillan, Photographer, Tells His Story

Photo Credit: Seth MacMillanIncreasingly I find myself moved by music, as I barrel along. For many years I have been a professional photographer. Not surprisingly these two roads had to cros...
Artists Tell · 2M ago

Ahmed Ibrahim, Mosaic Artist, Tells His Story

When I was a little child and my friends were enjoying playing outside, I found that I preferred to stay indoors with my colors, pencils and paper. I wanted to imagine and create images as b...