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Artists Tell · 19h ago

Wayne T. Wright, Musician, Tells His Story

Artists Tell · 1w ago

Alan Binstock, Sculptor, Tells His Story

My sculptor’s career was informed by a career as architect at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Ce
Artists Tell · 2W ago

Jennifer Thomson, Painter & Poet, Tells Her Story

Growing up in rural Tennessee, I spent most of my time in nature, wandering through woods and fields. At home I loved helping to care for our family’s chickens, geese, ducks, goats, pigs, do...
Artists Tell · 3W ago

Richard Morris, Writer & Book Author, Tells His Story

I have always been a writer, from my school days when I was editor of my high school newspaper. In an earlier career, I wrote several non-fiction books for a trade association on constructio...
Artists Tell · 4W ago

Ann Dunbar, Painting & Embroidery Artist, Tells Her Story

Born and educated in Hampshire, UK, I am an award-winning international artist living and working my art dream in Paris, France.“Only you know what you want from life, it is given to us for...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Belgin Bozsahin, Clay Sculptor, Tells Her Story

I am an artist who enjoys using clay in a self-expressive way in the form of reliefs, sculptures and installations. My creative journey started with painting in oil colours at a very young a...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Petra Teršlová, Painter, Tells Her Story

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I have been interested in art since my childhood. My parents took me often abroad so I had a chance to see different cultures including various forms of art. Fo...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Anita Wexler, Mixed Media Visual Artist, Tells Her Story

I grew in a small town in Illinois; surrounded by cornfields and pastures. It was a nice quiet place to grow up in. It was scenic and beautiful, though unfortunately my family didn’t embrace...
Artists Tell · 1M ago

Martina Sestakova, Textile Artist, Tells Her Story

Artists Tell · 2M ago

Patrick Smith, Visual Artist, Tell His Story

As a young child, born and raised in Washington, DC, I had two loves; art and basketball. As a child of the inner city, the outcome of my future was determined by how I spent my time. When I...