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Ash Tree Cottage · 20h ago

A Really Cute New Mug

Today's post is completely frivolous.  No hidden meanings, no preaching,no thought provoking issues ...just a cuteness overload.Saturday, David and I drove to SugarLand, just to the west of ...
Ash Tree Cottage · 5d ago

Some Serious Soul Searching

For the past couple of months, I have been very restless and nothing Idid seemed to fulfill me.  Back in September, I went home to Chicago andsaw old friends and my dear cousins.  Following that trip, I was so happyand elated about going home once ag...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1w ago

Winter Whites

After all the reds and greens of the holidays's nice to freshen up and create a clean slate ....with winter whites.
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

The Fairy Lights Stay!

All of the Christmas decorations are staying up past Epiphany.  I willtake everything down after that, except for the fairy lights in mystudio.  The fairy lights stay!  They make me feel happy and turn the room into such a magical spot!I sure will mi...
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

The Best of 2017

Fall of 2017 went by so quickly as it always does.  We were living ina bit of a fog following the devastating disaster brought to us byHurricane Harvey.  It has taken months for the clean up to be finished and many still are waiting for roof repairs ...
Ash Tree Cottage · 3W ago

Meet Chef Gingerbread!

It's about time I started baking cookies, and I need a little help.Meet my assistant ~ Chef Gingerbread.  I have been talking about baking cookies, but something alwaysseems to distract me.  If I don't get started soon, Christmas will belong gone.So ...
Ash Tree Cottage · 3W ago

Have a Merry Mini Christmas

There is no hope for me ~ I am a confessed miniaholic.  I don't really care to be cured.  I am happy to live with this burden ;-)If there is an empty bookshelf hanging around ~ there is a reason to decorate with minis.  This early American shelf was ...
Ash Tree Cottage · 4W ago

Master Bedroom Coziness at Christmas

We love being at home for Christmas, and I try to make every roomin our home as happy and welcoming as possible.  Because there alreadyis quite a bit of red and green incorporated in the design, it's reallyeasy to pump it up for the holidays.
Ash Tree Cottage · 1M ago

Puppy Love for Christmas

I love all dogs, but terriers and retrievers are very special to me.Terriers ~ like our Bentley, are feisty, fun, tenacious, and loving.There is never a dull moment with a terrier in the house.Retrievers, I had a Golden, are forever happy and playful...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1M ago

Christmas in the Woods Tablescape

I am a tree hugger and love a woodland setting, so I createdone on our breakfast room table.The pinecones are from our property up in the mountains of Idaho.