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Ash Tree Cottage · 1d ago

A Beautiful New Day

Yesterday was dark and gray but today the sky has cleared, thesun is shining and it's a be...
Ash Tree Cottage · 2d ago

Coming Home to Die

Three years ago today, my mother came home to die.  Nine days priorshe suffered a massive stroke from which it was determined she wouldnever recover.  After the stroke, I refused to accept t...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1w ago

Good Reads

I have been thinking about the quality of my life recently, andI realized something was lacking ~ reading.  Throughout my lifeI have been a good reader, but during the past several years, reading has taken a back seat.  Recently, I renewed my Good Re...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing Y'All a VeryHAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!Big Texas Hugs,Susan and Bentley
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

You Are Invited to a Valentine Party

Welcome to the dollhouse Valentine Party!  The mantel is decorated withlove birds, hearts,...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Sunday Blueberry Muffins

I baked some blueberry muffins this morning to have with our coffee.  They really taste best when they are fresh out of the oven.Between the two of us, we finished four of them.  Only twolef...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

A Cozy At Home Valentine Weekend

Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

Valentine Baking in the Miniature Kitchen

Something lovin' is coming from the oven.  Valentine treats....cookies, pies, tarts and cupcakes baked with love.
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

A Texas Style Valentine's Day

Imagine you are out on the range, or living on a ranch in Texas.You could be around the ca...
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

Love Letters

A plain cardboard mailbox from a craft store can be easily transformedinto a Valentine's D...