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Ash Tree Cottage · 19h ago

An Idea for a New Craft Project

I recently had an idea for a wreath to hang on the door of my office/studio.I decided to use tea pots and teacups as my theme, so I started hunting fortea cups and then it dawned on me that ...
Ash Tree Cottage · 3d ago

Sometimes Life Can Be Bittersweet

Recently, David and I were talking about a couple who we knew years agobefore we were married.  We met this couple while sitting around the pool ofour apartment complex.  The four of us inst...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Anti-Aging Skin Care For Free!

Here is a photo of me back in my twenties visiting the ruins of theold fort in Manama, Bahrain.  I was young and beautiful.  No, I am notbragging, everyone is beautiful in their twenties.  Super slim, long hair,deep dark tan. Young, beautiful and stu...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Let's Talk Wrinkles Over Lunch in the Garden

Let's have lunch in the garden because in a week or two it will probablytoo hot to sit out here.  Normally, I like to set tables with either a blueand white theme, or a red and white theme, but in the garden I loveto use pinks and greens.  My potted ...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Southern Charm, Southern Gossip

Here's what's common in the South ~ grandma's rocking chair on theporch, sweet tea, slow cooked ribs, green beans with bacon and onion,and gossip!Even if you are from a big, sophisticated city up North, you
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

My Daisy Gardenias

I stopped by a favorite nursery on Saturday and found two Daisy Gardenia bushes.  I have placed them in the large planterboxes on either side of the garden steps leading up to the Frenchdoors of the guest bedroom.  This area is just off the patio and...
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

My Love Affair With The Lamp

I'm not quite sure exactly when my love affair with lamps began, butI know that it has been a very long and lasting relationship.  Every lampI have ever loved has possessed a distinct one of a kind personality.I have lots and lots of lamps.  David lo...
Ash Tree Cottage · 3W ago

My Recent Creative Slump

It's been a whole week since I have posted and I really do not have agood excuse except to say that I have been in a creative slump.This is not a normal state for me.  I am usually overflowing with ideasand plans and I can hardly wait to get up in th...
Ash Tree Cottage · 4W ago

Wars and Rumors of Wars

  Over the past few months I have limited the amount of time I devote toeither reading the news or watching televised broadcasts.  It's not that I have chosen to be uninformed, rather I beli...
Ash Tree Cottage · 4W ago

My Stylish Gardening Jeans!

Couldn't help myself.  When I learned that Nordstroms is selling jeanswith fake mud for $425, I decided that I could do it too except that mineare also ripped, so I am charging an extra $25....