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Ash Tree Cottage · 4d ago

Yummy and Delicious Lunch Ideas

I am not a big sandwich eater.  I like them, but not too often.  What I really enjoy for lunch is something healthy and flavorful.  Today, I havethree choices for you that are favorites of m...
Ash Tree Cottage · 5d ago

My Creative Process

I was very fortunate when I was a child because my parents never harnessed my creative spirit.  There were art projects of mine all overthe house.  Most of the time I was building houses.  I used the standardkid's building sets but I also raided Dadd...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Cozy at Home Fall Mornings

I love a cozy Fall morning.  It's cool and gray outside, so I walk aroundthe house, turning on some lamps to bring a glow to all the nooksand crannies.  In the Fall, there are two times of day I love, the morningsjust around sunrise, and the evenings...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

I Grieve For Our Nation

Another mass shooting.  This time in Texas, not far from where I live.The city I live in is a small one.  It is referred to as the Crossroads area.We are surrounded by ranch land, oil wells and some of the most charming small towns found anywhere in ...
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Recently I was watching an episode of the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network.I am especially fond of Ina and like her recipes.  She showed how she makeswhat she considers the ultimate gri...
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

The Mystery of the Missing Person

I love a mystery, always have, always will.  I started reading Nancy Drew asa young girl and she lead me on a life long path of getting to the bottom ofsuspicious activity.  If something str...
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

Happy Halloween!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!Big Texas Hugs,Susan and Bentley
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

Not All Minis Live in Dollhouses

Just because you don't have a dollhouse, doesn't mean you cannot start aminiature collection.  I still ~ yes still, have not completed my dollhouse.In fact, just the other day my hubby sugge...
Ash Tree Cottage · 3W ago

Charming Miniature Windsor Chairs

For as long as I can remember, I have loved Colonial style furniture.I have four Windsor chairs in my breakfast room, and now I have twoof them in one of my dollhouse kitchens as well.  I think they are socharming!I purchased them from Matthew of Wes...
Ash Tree Cottage · 3W ago

A New Puppy in the Dollhouse

Since I believe that every home needs a dog,  I also think that every dollhouse needs one too.  Meet McDuff ~ who is now happilycalling the Texas Rosebud Cottage home.  That's what I call mydollhouse which is not really a dollhouse, but a miniature r...