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Ash Tree Cottage · 3d ago

Tender Moments

I love the Spring.  Everything is so tender and pretty as if the whole world was in soft focus.  It's such a dreamy time of year too, whenreality just seems to slip away for a while.In the morning, everything feels so fresh and new and the air inthe ...
Ash Tree Cottage · 5d ago

I'm Having A Red Letter Day

I'm having a Red Letter Day.  This is an invention of Susan Branch fora time when you need to be extra kind to yourself.  You do somethingthat you enjoy to bolster your spirits.I decided to play around with some vignettes all in red and white.  I cal...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1w ago

Happy Easter!

Wishing y'all a Blessed Easter!Big Texas Hugs,Susan and Bentley
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Easter Photo Album 2017

Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Enjoy a Farm Fresh Easter

Imagine being on a farm way out in the country where holidays aresimple and homemade and home grown.  Farm fresh eggs, little chicksrunning around the backyard, fresh picked daisies.Fresh brewed coffee from a vintage percolator.  A milk glass hen han...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Come Spend the Morning at My House

It's Wednesday morning,  just a few more days until Easter.  Our bed isso comfy and some mornings are hard to pull myself away from the coziness, but today I'm ready to jump out of bed and meet the day.Bentley however, is not.  He has already been ou...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

To Polish or Not to Polish Silver ???

While I was up at Marburger Farm in Round Top a couple of weeks ago,I could not help but notice all the unpolished silver.  While I have neverbeen a big fan of highly polished silver and like a bit of patina and depththat tarnish can provide, these p...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Easter Week Traditions From My Past

When I was a young girl, holidays were always big events at our house.Mom was both a planner and a decorator and while Christmas was her big decorating holiday, Easter was too.  She would spend days on herEaster centerpiece for the dining room table....
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

Sometimes I Get So Angry

I held off from writing this post.  I read something this morning thatmade me angry.   I wanted to immediately say something in response,but I decided to wait a while and see if the anger persisted.  It's nownearly 5:00 PM, and I am still aggravated,...
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

Easter in the Miniature Dollhouse

Easter has hopped its way into the miniature dollhouse.  It's on theisland in the kitchen.It's on the fireplace mantel.