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Ash Tree Cottage · 10h ago

Spring On My Porch and Patio

Spring comes early here in South Texas and the season is a short one ofbeautiful warm days before the heat and humidity comes and lasts formonths and months.  It's the time of year that we r...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1d ago

Skip and Go Naked

Hi and welcome to my porch.  Y'all are invited back here after youtake a tour of all the pretty homes all decorated for spring.  Take yourtime and enjoy the tour and then head back over to my house becauseI have a yummy cocktail to share with you ......
Ash Tree Cottage · 2d ago

Bunnies and Baskets Welcome Spring

I cannot imagine anyone who does not like spring.  Everything is sweet,tender, and pastel.  The deep rich colors and chilly breezes of fall havepast.  The stark and hibernating days of winter are behind us.  It's theseason of hope and renewal.  No ma...
Ash Tree Cottage · 3d ago

Hello, Spring Blog Tour Starts Today!

If you are in need of any great ideas to decorate your home for spring,I have the answer you are looking for.  It's the Hello, Spring Blog Tour.15 plus blogs over four days.  You will find s...
Ash Tree Cottage · 6d ago

Oh For A Wee Irish Cottage

Oh for a wee Irish cottage way out on the moors.  Something snug andcozy where we could celebrate this St Patty's Day.  A place that is safeand warm, protected from the winds of the sea, but with windows thatwe can open to hear the ocean waves.  A fi...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1w ago

It Is Cruel to Wish Suffering For Someone Else

I read a very disturbing post on the Facebook newsfeed thismorning.  This person, who shall remain nameless, is obviouslyvery upset with our current president and went on to say thatshe hoped he would suffer a massive stroke or a heart attack.I do no...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Blue and White Tea Party For One

Years ago, when I was living and working in Houston and before Imarried David, my office was very close to the Galleria.  If I did nothave a business luncheon I would often spend my lunch hour shopping.At that time Marshall Field's was still in exist...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Sorry, But I Just Couldn't Help Myself

For quite a while now I have been showing a plain white background onthis blog because that has been the "new wave" for some time.  I lookedat my blog today and thought ....I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!I longed for the calico background I have used i...
Ash Tree Cottage · 1W ago

Make Way For Bunnies and Chicks

I have been collecting Easter things to decorate the dollhouse.Lots of bunnies and cookies and flowers and a cake.
Ash Tree Cottage · 2W ago

A Romantic Breakfast Tray

It has begun to feel like spring in South Texas.  This past winter was abit colder than last and we did have one freeze that nipped many of ourtropicals.   Now everything seems to be coming back to life.  The signs ofnew life in my garden has prompte...