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Ask Harriete · 1M ago

The Power of Your Dollar

The power of the dollar is in your pocket. Yes, your pocket. How do you spend your dollars? Or align your art and craft with your political allegiance? In this polarized, dismantling of the arts and education trend, everything has become political.
Ask Harriete · 1M ago

Read My Jewelry - Jewelry with a Voice and Visibility

Originally, this post was going to be exclusively about the book, "Read My Pins" and the remarkable exhibition at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. There is much to say -- a lot more --...
Ask Harriete · 1M ago

The Tax Season Is Upon Us - 2 Rules for Audit Survival

Here are my top two super simple rules for artists and makers to keep their business accounting on the up and up -- separate your business accounts and keep receipts. The rest of this post ...
Ask Harriete · 2M ago

When "Out to Lunch" Takes On Meaning

Growing up, I worked at my father's store. During that entire time, I never saw my father ...
Ask Harriete · 2M ago

Misstress of the Home Trapped by Modern Convenience

A few years ago, actually in another century, I made a sculpture (shown above) titled: "Misstress of the Home Bound to Modern Convenience." For months now, it's been echoing in my mind as 2017 housekeeping includes efforts to keep current with the l...
Ask Harriete · 3M ago

Gender Inequity in the Craft Ceiling

In 1972, Congress enacted Title IX.Very few fully comprehended how this gender equity legislation would impact the sports world. On a parallel timeline, crafts has not provided any parallel of gender equity.Since 1975, out of 301 American Craft Counc...
Ask Harriete · 3M ago

Artistic Expression and Being an Artist

Every year I look forward to reinventing my Thanksgiving table is an extension of being an...
Ask Harriete · 4M ago

DIY This Necklace And Copy Another Person's Idea

What do you do when you see a D.I.Y. post on how to recreate/copy another artist's work? When I first saw a situation like this, I didn't know what to do. This time I wrote a post with voc...
Ask Harriete · 4M ago

Protecting and Investing in Your Artistic Legacy

I continue to wonder how much to invest in the past - organizing and protecting an archive of my life's work. Perhaps this reflects a profound perspective about one's self as a professional ...
Ask Harriete · 5M ago

Investing in the Past: What is Safe Storage in the Digital Age? What is Preservation of a Legacy?

My primary recommendation is to use archival boxes for storage, but what is Long Term Stor...