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Ask Harriete · 1M ago

Thanksgiving 2017 in Black and White

This year my Thanksgiving table theme was in black and white, a reflection of the current ...
Ask Harriete · 2M ago

HTTP to HTTPS and the future security of the web.

Is Chrome showing security warnings for your website? Is this scaring away your potential ...
Ask Harriete · 5M ago

D.I. Y. Photo Quality Compared to Professional Pics

The consequences of sub-quality photography may be costing you more than a professional ph...
Ask Harriete · 5M ago

Documentation of the TRUTH

Images have always been the indispensable mode of communication for artists and makers. Wi...
Ask Harriete · 6M ago

Fabricating TRUTH with a Web of Lies

In addition to stepping up my political activism significantly, I have been channeling my ...
Ask Harriete · 7M ago

Remaking a Maker

Hap Sakwa asked: Where does a reinvented artist show his work in a virtual world? I naively thought I could spring back to life like the flowers in the Carrizo Plain, using my previous resu...
Ask Harriete · 8M ago

Fabricating TRUTH - Speaking our own mettle

Metal, work hardened, fabricated with sweat, and engraved permanently with political meaning. Historical jewelry and metalwork that has expressed powerful and important political and patriotic ideas throughout our nation's past. For all the artists a...
Ask Harriete · 8M ago

Advancing Science Even Though I'm Not A Scientist

I'm not a scientist, but I think it is important to support science. Walking in the March for Science was a visible statement along with a mass movement. But there are many other ways that any individual can help at any time. One option is to parti...
Ask Harriete · 8M ago

Creative artists, creative accounting -- the reality or the fiction of a "serious" business

There is a myth out there that artists and craftspeople keep poor records for their businesses. I am not sure if it is true. The only thing that I know for a fact is that the I.R.S. will not...
Ask Harriete · 9M ago

Multiple Revenue Streams - Are You Swimming in the Right Direction or Up a Creek with the I.R.S.?

I am betting that a lot of my readers also have multiple revenue streams. This is the life of most artists. While it may be too late for 2016, now that your taxes are already done, this is the time to remodel your record keeping for 2017.