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ASP.NET News · 2d ago

ASP.NET Core Caching in Practice

Muhammad Rehan Saeed describes some caching strategies which can be used with ASP.NET Core.
ASP.NET News · 3d ago

Running Blazor on Mono in the browser

Steve Sanderson runs C# on the client-side using Blazor, an experimental SPA framework that runs on .NET in the browser.
ASP.NET News · 4d ago

Miniblog.Core is a new blog engine built using ASP.NET Core 2.0

Mads Kristensen shares a new and powerful blog platform built on ASP.NET Core 2.0 which provides an excellent reading experience across devices.
ASP.NET News · 1w ago

IdentityServer4 Localization with the OIDC Implicit Flow

Damien Bowden implements localization in IdentityServer4 when using the Implicit Flow with an Angular client.
ASP.NET News · 1w ago

Localization & Configuration in ASP.NET Core 2.0: Part 1 - JSON Request Culture Provider

Hisham Bin Ateya uses a JSON file to specify the current cultures for a ASP.NET Core application and manage the localization resources in this 2-part series.
ASP.NET News · 1w ago

Lift and Shift - Adding Docker to Nerd Dinner

Shayne Boyer lifts the NerdDinner sample MVC application from 2010 and shifts it to Azure with zero changes to the core architecture of the application.
ASP.NET News · 1w ago

Modern Configuration for ASP.NET 4.7.1 with ConfigurationBuilders

Jeff Fritz makes using applications in containers and on cloud services even easier by injecting settings into an application from an outside source that isn't just another file.
ASP.NET News · 1W ago

Exploring HEAD method behavior in ASP.NET Core

Tomasz Peczek explores how the HEAD method is handled by ASP.NET Core and proposes solutions to some problems.
ASP.NET News · 2W ago

Publishing a Web App to an Azure VM from Visual Studio

Justin Clareburt publishes an ASP.NET web application directly to an Azure VM with Visual Studio 15.5 (Preview).
ASP.NET News · 2W ago

.NET Framework 4.7.1 ASP.NET and Configuration features

Preeti Krishna gives the highlights of .NET Framework 4.7.1 Early Access, including configuration builders, ExecutionStepInvoker, HttpCookie parsing, and SHA-2 hash options for credentials a...