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ASP.NET News · 1d ago

GraphQL with ASP.NET Core (Part- III : Dependency Injection)

Fiyaz Hasan adds dependency injection to his GraphQL application in the third part of this ongoing series.
ASP.NET News · 2d ago

Using C# await against JS Promises in Blazor

Joonas Westlin uses C#'s await on a JavaScript Promise.
ASP.NET News · 2d ago

Updates to my ASP.NET Core Correlation ID Library

Steve Gordon adds support for correlation IDs across ASP.NET Core microservices to his ASP.NET Core Correlation ID Library.
ASP.NET News · 2d ago

Announcing Carter

Jonathan Channon announces Carter, a library that allows Nancy-esque routing for use with ASP.Net Core.
ASP.NET News · 2d ago

Angular // ASP.NET Core // SignalR

Fabian Gosebrink shares an example of an Angular application using ASP.NET Core and SignalR.
ASP.NET News · 1W ago

.NET Presentations: Events in a Box!

Jon Galloway shares .NET "Presentations in a Box", workshops and presentations you can use, contribute to, remix and share, and present at Meetups, User Groups, CodeCamps, or Conferences.
ASP.NET News · 1W ago

Creating a .NET Core global CLI tool for squashing images with the TinyPNG API

Andrew Lock creates a .NET Core CLI global tool that can be used to compress images using the TinyPNG developer API.
ASP.NET News · 1W ago

ViewModels and AutoMapper in Razor Pages

Mike Brind takes a look at the ViewModel part of the role that the PageModel plays in Razor Pages, and how tools like AutoMapper can be used to reduce the amount of code needed when assignin...
ASP.NET News · 1W ago

Scaffolding ASP.NET Core API Controllers

Matt Millican walks through quickly creating API controllers to jump start your project.
ASP.NET News · 1W ago

The mother of all demo apps - Exemplary fullstack clone

Tor Hovland shares how a full stack clone can be built using any of the supported front ends and back ends, including ASP.NET Core, React, Angular, Node, Django, and many more.