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Sandi Esry Homeschooling my 8 yo son who was recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Relying on God to ed...

Reads about: autism, aspergers, homeschooling, life, special needs

Annie Parsons

Reads about: autism, aspergers, adhd

Tom Nardone Extremely Funny. Tom Puts a unique spin on things, and makes sense od that which makes no sense

Reads about: humor, adhd, parenting, family, add

Walter Hayes Jr.

Reads about: new york city, travel, bars, infertility, food

Amy Delaiarro Sherid...

Reads about: aspergers, adhd, autism, bars, humor

Kathleen Gray Verste...

Reads about: aspergers, autism, humor, adhd, teens

Kimberly Whitaker Br...

Reads about: autism, parenting, family, aspergers, disability

Ionia Ireland

Reads about: adhd, add, autism, parenting, mental health

Eric Londergan

Reads about: pop culture, bars, infertility, food, aspergers

Paul V Ruggeri

Reads about: film, reason, festival, science, skeptic

Rebecca Nastasia

Reads about: autism, adhd, current issues, hiv, hemophilia

Ryan Day A Daddy talks about raising a son with Asperger Syndrome, with a heavy dose of humor and a little da...

Reads about: autism, aspergers syndrome, sensory processing disorder, parenting humor, aspergers

Jacqui Heie

Reads about: art, parenting, adhd, humor, life

Alfie Ruah

Reads about: aspergers, autism, parenting, poetry, life

Jennifer Kay I am a blogger, posting about special needs, caregiver support, and encouragement: Specifically, Typ...

Reads about: autism, special needs, sensory processing disorder, rhemashope, parenting

Lori Veronica Orford

Reads about: autism, aspergers, adhd

Mary Alex Hamblin

Reads about: autism, aspergers, adhd

Emily Morson

Reads about: autism, neuroscience, psychology, science, aspergers

Denyse Whelan Denyse Whelan blogs about schooling, education, her interests in art and photography. She sometimes ...

Reads about: parenting, education, family, life, humour

Facebook User Asperger syndrome, ADHD & and iron opinion

Reads about: aspergers, autism, parenting, adhd, family

Flannery Sullivan I blog about autism. And I drink.

Reads about: autism, parenting, family, special needs, humor

David Hazell

Reads about: eyeglasses, writing, technology, publishing, sunglasses

Renata Luder

Reads about: acessórios, ciências, comportamento, aspergers, psicologia

Ricardo Cruz De Carv...

Reads about: autism, aspergers, adhd

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