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Aspie Extremes · 3M ago

He said WHAT?

The boy asked again if I could help with some downloads. He saw me at the computer and being the Aspie that he is; it is obviously the perfect time to ask me to do this download. What he is ...
Aspie Extremes · 3M ago

what I feel like doing today....

nuthin'. that works for me.No not really, it just sounds good. Actually, I think that being sick gives me a little different direction. Yup that's right second time this season and this time...
Aspie Extremes · 4M ago

I want to write something really good but instead I am posting my favorite songs.

Letting music doing some talking for me this evening.
Aspie Extremes · 4M ago


Doing the right thing is the hardest thing to do but I'm glad I did and now I feel like myself again - which is an oxymoron because as the mom of an ASPIE most days my soul is not my own.  
Aspie Extremes · 4M ago

Going after the disabled because they are disabled

The recent wave of crime against a disabled white 18 year old by 4 (four) african american 18-24 year-olds sent literal chills down my spine.Initially my response on FB (a rare public commen...
Aspie Extremes · 4M ago

Oh my gosh- it's here 2017

We aren't ready yet.We still had things to clear up and finish and do.We wanted to go to England to celebrate the boy's graduation, my birthday and just being us.Not a thing has happened.Aft...
Aspie Extremes · 9M ago

Car ride thoughts

Some of the best things we talk about are on car rides.The cuter half and I can solve all the worlds problems in 20 minutes or less. KIDDING. but really, there are times that having an addit...
Aspie Extremes · 10M ago

Bone weary tired

I've got nuthin'.  Really.  It's true.  The boy is growing up but still missing on things example- I told him to keep flip flops on since he hurt his feet.  He argues fuse ears and fights w ...
Aspie Extremes · 1Y ago

"disability sensitivity training"? And MORE

Have you ever thought about this? I mean seriously, we have race sensitivity training, religion sensitivity training; we have to learn to tolerate others and their beliefs, fetishes and othe...
Aspie Extremes · 1Y ago

Keeping promises

I have always thought that keeping promises was a big deal.As a kid, you promise to be friends forever with your fellow Barbie playing girlfriends. As a pre-teen you may promise to help your...