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Astrology Blogger · 3h ago

Weekend Love Forecast – Delicious and Satisfying, Getting to the REAL

The weekend in unique in its lack of huge, dynamic change. This hasn’t been replaced with colorful rainicorns, but it does present an opportunity to go back over the fine print, check some a...
Astrology Blogger · 6h ago

Your Week 28 April-4 May 2017 Unfocus the Self

This week we may need to ‘unfocus the Self’, allow some distance (with some softening of lines) between our own …Continue reading →
Astrology Blogger · 9h ago

Exaltation, Detriment, Fall: Mercury

Welcome back to our series on planetary exaltation, detriment, and fall! Today we are tackling our most flighty friend, Mercury. Unlike the luminaries, whose phases can be clearly seen and u...
Astrology Blogger · 18h ago

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Wed April 26th – Trump Tax Plan

April 26, 2017: Ed Schultz discusses the Trump tax plan designed to aid the wealthy and billionaire corporations with massive tax cuts that, as Ronald Reagan's 'trickle down' scam exposed in...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

Taurus New Moon: Earth Magic

Venus, planet of the Divine Feminine, rules this New Moon. Due to her retrograde, Venus in Pisces has been conjunct Chiron and square Saturn for most of April, bringing relationship frustrat...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

Tarot Cards for the New Moon in Taurus

 Reversed 9 of Wands (Moon in Sagittarius - Fire) suggests a loss of power. Your position of strength has been compromised. Optimism (Sagittarius) is difficult to come by. Why? The 3 of Swor...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

Learn To Use Astrology To Get What You Want – Workshop!

I promised to go back to my Blood and Guts roots and teach a new class. I have natal Mars conjunct Mercury in the boasting 9th house. I tend to assert things like this before all the details...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

Trying to find my way back to the margins

Recently, I wrote somewhere about having become way too popular. I am having to become unpopular now, unfortunately. I just don’t like the costs that come with being “visible”. Basically, I’...
Astrology Blogger · 2d ago

Taurus New Moon

I had another post planned and scheduled for this New Moon – a deeply, personal one. I deleted most of it. Thank I wrote another – also a little too personal for my liking…but… You see, I wa...
Astrology Blogger · 2d ago

Taurus New Moon: The Mother Ship

We’re all looking for something timeless and abiding to hold onto in an age when everything on top of the earth seems to be spinning faster and faster toward chaos. And like an invisible Tau...