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Astrology Blogger · 11h ago

Astroweather: 25 February 2018

Question: What’s more Mercury in Pisces than Mercury in Pisces? Answer: When Mercury in Pisces is conjunct Neptune in Pisces And what do you do when Mercury is conjunct Neptune? Daydream, of...
Astrology Blogger · 14h ago

Your Weekend 25 February 2018 Sacred Aggression

Though to some of us this may sound like the concept carries an inherent contradiction (it doesn’t–I’ll explain in a …Continue reading →
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Square Mars, Sweet Indulgence To Binging

We are still in the river, but we’re finding some footing. This weekend, the Pisces Sun sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. In this mutable process there are dynamic but stabilizing factors emergi...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

American Revolution Horoscope w Feb 2018 Transits

2018/19 Astrology for Children of the Revolution Bi-Wheel Charts: center = American Revolution (1st Shot) April 19, 1775 5:00 am LMT Lexington, MA; outer chart: transits February 24, 2018 ...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

The News & Illusion

Yesterday, I mentioned I was going to a funeral – How Are You Faring Under The Stellium In Pisces. The service was beautiful. I’d even say it was inspiring. The gal who died was ninety years...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

Composites in Astrology: 1+1=1

Astrology Blogger · 2d ago

Book Review: A Love Alchemist’s Notebook

Astrology Blogger · 2d ago

Question: Planets on Cusps in Astrology

Astrology Blogger · 2d ago

Chiron Conjunct South Node

Astrology Blogger · 3d ago

How’s The Stellium In Pisces Treating You?

If you get my newsletter, you know I’ve had a bad feeling about this stellium in Pisces, what with Mars in Sagittarius prodding it.  I’ve certainly felt the impact. The shooting in Florida a...