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Astrology Blogger · 3h ago

Musings on the Great American Eclipse

Photo by Lorenzo Comolli from SpaceWeather for an article about the astrology of the eclipse, follow this link. This week like so many others Rich and I took a trip (with our NASA authorize...
Astrology Blogger · 21h ago

Just a Little AstroEssence 23 August 2017 Love Fest

A compulsion to talk about or ponder relationships, Love, or financial matters is part healing action, part need to transform …Continue reading →
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

My Sister Is Vindictive

Hi Elsa, I am wondering if my Pisces sister is ever going to make an effort to have a decent relationship with me. She has unrealistic expectations, and is always consumed with jealousy. We ...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

I Want My Ex To Suffer…

It’s common that people want their ex to suffer.  But there are some people out there who are really hard to damage. They’re bulletproof; I can see this in their chart… Have you ever met som...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

Virgo Season: Step Down and Upgrade

Pieter Bruegel The Sun's Virgo ingress takes place on August 22n...
Astrology Blogger · 1d ago

Tarot Cards for the New Moon Eclipse in Leo

Here are the cards for today's Solar Eclipse.2 of Swords (Moon in Libra-Air) means not saying or deciding any...
Astrology Blogger · 2d ago

The Weekly AstroFix: 8/21/17

Not sick of eclipse articles yet? Here’s a handful of posts and podcasts I liked. Articles about the Eclipses: AQUARIUS FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE: RADIO SILENCE:
Astrology Blogger · 2d ago

Astrology of Now: This Restless Summer

…and yet the children eat figs on the beach, fight, splash. The wine tastes good. Sun sets. Everything, everything is precious. This summer is not like other summers. A magnifying glass hove...
Astrology Blogger · 2d ago

Pallas: Your Inner Amazon

“There’s a little bit of Amazon in every woman.” – The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier “Be careful in the world of men, Diana, they do not deserve you.” – Wonder Woman It’s no coincidence th...
Astrology Blogger · 2d ago

The Solar Eclipse in Leo 2017: The Re-Birth of the Soul

John William Waterhouse – ‘Mermaid’ 1899 {{PD}} This is re-published from earlier. Have a safe and joyous eclipse experience! The …Continue reading →