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Atelierista · 1M ago

Beginning a Big Project: Listening

There are a lot of things that influence beginning a new project in a school that doesn't have it's curriculum written out beforehand. I'm thinking now about schools that try to have an imag...
Atelierista · 3M ago

Teacher-research intention

 I've been thinking about the way work with materials can create a context for challenge a...
Atelierista · 3M ago

Umbrella Project 2017

The community at Sabot adopts a big idea every school year. Called the umbrella project, it's part of my job to shepherd it through. Teachers agree to set up encounters with the idea to prov...
Atelierista · 9M ago

Leaving Behind the Given: Searching for a room that isn't there anymore

 CeeCee's parents came to school with a question she had been asking at home; Where is the...
Atelierista · 10M ago

Magical Thinking and Alternative Facts

  The 3 and 4 year old children made up a game of 'powers' in which two children stand on a carpet square and then 'psh psh psh' their powers at each other. Other children sit to the side an...
Atelierista · 11M ago

Thinking About Martin Luther King

Last year about this time, Elaine and Lisa sent some (4/5 year old) children from the Rain...
Atelierista · 1Y ago

Research in childhood

 Research is Sabot school's umbrella project this year.  It's one of the 5 Rs that guides the school. This project will look differently in each group, influenced by the personality and inte...
Atelierista · 1Y ago

The Free Kids Art Studio 2016

Two years ago when the Kindergarten children were writing letters to Mayor Jones, one of t...
Atelierista · 1Y ago

Small stories of discovery

New ways to paint! Messing about with a stamp and mixing colors.Learning to use the hand drill!    
Atelierista · 1Y ago

Crowds: Is a City Made of People, or Buildings?

OUR RICHMOND: Some thoughts about moments from this two year project.The kindergarten started the 15/16 year thinking about the world championship bicycle races that flooded Richmond with pe...