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AuthorCulture · 4d ago

Punctuating Compound Predicates

I'm recycling a previous blog because recent editing of a novel brought up something new about the subject. Here is the sentence in question:Her blue eyes flickered in friendship, then retre...
AuthorCulture · 6d ago


Me with my mentor, Velda BrothertonThe mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. ...
AuthorCulture · 1W ago

The Gilded Curse: A Book Review

Lexie Smithfield finds herself traveling back to Jekyll Island to the Millionaire's Club following the death of her older brother at Pearl Harbor and the subsequent death of her mentally ill...
AuthorCulture · 1W ago


by Lisa LickelWe’ve all read books where we just couldn’t get “into” the characters. Either we didn’t relate to what they were going through, we didn’t like how they acted or what they said....
AuthorCulture · 2W ago

WORDS THAT CHANGE EVERYTHING: Speaking Truth to Your Soul by Karen Jordan

Book Cover: Worry, anxiety, and fear saturate our world today more than ever from acts of terrorism to economic downturns. But many women face real fears in their own homes: death, illness, job loss, betrayal, rejection, and dozens of other threats t...
AuthorCulture · 2W ago

Three Questions

James Tissot - Holyday - Google Free ImagesOur critique group participated in a workshop c...
AuthorCulture · 2W ago

Recycling a Lesson from the Classics

byDonn Taylor
AuthorCulture · 3W ago

Christian Science Fiction from Edie Melson

AloneEdie MelsonPrism Book GroupNovember 4, 2016$3.99$11.99Amazon Barnes and Noble Smashwords About the BookAfter her family is killed in the cleansing, Bethany’s purpose in life has changed. No longer will she be allowed to work to save her dying pl...
AuthorCulture · 3W ago

Researching a Setting You Already Know Well

Romance writer Pamela S. Meyers is a coauthor with me in a couple of novella collections, so I can tell you for a fact: this woman knows what she's talking about. I'm honored that she would join us on AuthorCulture and share some of her secrets in re...
AuthorCulture · 4W ago

A Vulture, a Dead Deer, and a Horned Owl... (walked into a bar?)

I'm in the midst of edits and rewrites for the second book in my Road's End series and am ...