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AVC · 28m ago

Video Of The Week: AirCraft By Dronebase

I saw this video a drone enthusiast made on AirCraft and thought I’d share it with all of you this week:
AVC · 1d ago

Funding Friday: goTenna Puerto Rico Mesh

Our portfolio company goTenna sent a bunch of their mesh networking devices to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria and a number of mesh networks lit up on the island. This is what the goTenna network map looks like on the west side of the isla...
AVC · 2d ago


Yesterday, our portfolio company Kickstarter announced that they had relaunched Drip, a subscription platform they acquired almost two years ago. Perry Chen, Kickstarter’s founder and Chairm...
AVC · 3d ago

Update On Stock Options/RSUs Issue

I just saw this on my twitter: The @NVCA has been working hard to make sure #innovation & #entrepreneurship are drivers of US growth!#TaxReform — Phil Sanderson (@...
AVC · 4d ago


My partner Rebecca posted this to her Twitter yesterday: Excited to band together with a group of women that I’ve learned so much from to help women starting the next generation of breakout ...
AVC · 5d ago

Don’t Tax Options And RSUs Upon Vesting!

The current draft of the Senate Tax Reform Bill would tax stock options and RSUs upon vesting. Currently, stock options are taxed upon exercise and RSUs are taxed upon release of the underly...
AVC · 6d ago

Location, Location, Location

Here are some “truisms” about startup investors and location that I’ve experienced and pas...
AVC · 6d ago

Video Of The Week: Nurx

Our portfolio company Nurx provides prescriptions via an app on your mobile phone. The initial offerings are birth control and HIV prevention medications, but they will add other prescriptio...
AVC · 1W ago

Funding Friday: Reflex

I just backed this project and I thought I’d share it with all of you:
AVC · 1W ago


Our portfolio company eShares changed their name to Carta this week. Why? For a bunch of reasons, but mainly because the opportunity has gotten a lot bigger than “shares”. As founder/CEO Hen...