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AVC · 6h ago

Diversification (aka How To Survive A Crash)

I was emailing with my friend Harry this past week and we started talking about crypto and the inevitability of a massive crash. I am certain the big crash will happen. I don’t know when it ...
AVC · 1d ago

Video Of The Week: Matthew Zeiler at Code Commerce

Matthew is the founder and CEO of our portfolio company Clarifai. Here is his talk (11mins) from last week’s Code Commerce conference in which he talks about how to use AI to grow your busin...
AVC · 2d ago

Feature Friday: Coinbase Vaults

Vaults are the crypto equivalent of a savings account. If you have crypto assets that you ...
AVC · 3d ago

Happy New Year

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I’d like to wish a happy new year to all my Jewish friends and colleagues and readers. I don’t personally identify as any particular religion. I ...
AVC · 3d ago

Mexico City

Mexico City is an amazing place. The Gotham Gal and I were there around this time last year. The people, the culture, the energy are all great in Mexico City. It feels like a place on the mo...
AVC · 5d ago

Why Amazon Should Come To NYC

USA Today reported that NYC is working on a proposal to encourage Amazon to locate its second headquarters “HQ2” in NYC. I can’t imagine a better place for HQ2 than NYC. Here are ten reasons...
AVC · 6d ago


I remember when I was in my early 20s and just starting out in the venture capital business, I came across an old wall street saying that “a market climbs a wall of worry.” I didn’t understa...
AVC · 1w ago

Some Thoughts On Burn Rates

The startup and venture capital businesses are based on a general idea that you can and should invest heavily into your business in order to increase value creation, amplify it, and accelera...
AVC · 1W ago

Audio Of The Week: Andy Weissman on Twenty Minute VC

In this podcast, my partner Andy talks a lot about USV’s investment process. It’s a good interview.
AVC · 1W ago

Fun Friday: Crypto Crystal Ball

Chris Burniske posted this Twitter poll a few days ago: Given the tense #crypto market environment right now, are you expecting: — Chris Burniske (@cburniske) September 14, 2017 I voted for ...