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BabyTrollBlog · 2d ago

The Vacuity of Journos

CAN BE REVEALED in the stupidity of the cliches they use. E.G.: “Changed the course of history.” Every one of them uses it to describe epochal events. What does it mean? History is the recor...
BabyTrollBlog · 2W ago

Observation 006: 13 March 2017

Afternoon cloudscape over Fairmount, Western Cincinnati, taken from the top deck of the Western Hills Viaduct, above the Mill Creek Valley. The post Observation 006: 13 March 2017 appeared f...
BabyTrollBlog · 2W ago

Gorgeous Light

ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON Cell phone camera demonstrates its inadequacies. Not that I couldn’t have gotten what I saw using it, but that I couldn’t get it in a snapshot. Taking time to set up a ...
BabyTrollBlog · 3W ago

The Cloud Observatory: Observation 005, 03-05-17

The post The Cloud Observatory: Observation 005, 03-05-17 appeared first on BabyTrollBlog.
BabyTrollBlog · 3W ago

Works in Progress Update

JUST A QUICK NOTE to keep everybody up-to-date. #ThisIsThePlaceILovedHerMemoir is still in-progress, albeit stalled. As I said to J, although I know what’s next, I don’t feel moved to contin...
BabyTrollBlog · 1M ago

I’m Sure Most of You

WILL HAVE HEARD but just in case you haven’t. The Dear and priceless Connie du Toit has passed, leaving the world bereft of her scintillating presence. And her beloved Kim is now alone in li...
BabyTrollBlog · 1M ago

It’s Dolly’s Birthday!!!

EVEN WHEN I THINK about it in advance and plan for it, I tend to forget this central fact about my ficton: Gabrielle Francesca “Dolly” East made The Leap from a free-floating anima to a full...
BabyTrollBlog · 1M ago

This Is The Place Update

THIS IS THE PLACE I LOVED HER — the memoir mentioned earlier, has progressed to 7500 words in (so far) 9 chapters. It’s a short book and will be a fast read. I expect it will also be a heart...
BabyTrollBlog · 1M ago

Artful Living Announcement

I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMNT to make — for all of you following along at home. I have two new stories starting up. One is a science fiction story that I’m trying to make unique and special, given i...
BabyTrollBlog · 2M ago

On Process

THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION will have noticed that I am building in my Pinterest profile a series of boards full of pins containing reference images of stock decorative eleme...