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BabyTrollBlog · 5M ago

They Say You Shouldn’t

FALL IN LOVE WITH your writing. That you should be willing to kill your children. All of that. Nevertheless, I think this might be one of the best scenes I’ve ever written that doesn’t come ...
BabyTrollBlog · 6M ago

Callsign Baby Troll

A SNIPPET FROM the current work in progress to exposit the origin of Dolly’s nickname, Baby Troll. Callsign: Baby Troll The Gabrielle Dolly When she and Aphrodite first arrived in Camp Meand...
BabyTrollBlog · 6M ago

Staring at the Walls

Mural at Katharina’s Cafe-Konditorei, 8th & Washington, Newport, in progress at post time. (Click to embiggen.) WE SET OUT WITH A specific collection of goals — places we wanted to photograp...
BabyTrollBlog · 6M ago

Reservoir Wall, Eden Park, 8-19-17

SOME FORTY-ODD years ago, the Park Board blew out the south wall of the reservoir in Eden Park and built a new reflecting pool atop it, providing the park’s users with a bilevel play field. ...
BabyTrollBlog · 6M ago

Observation 006 – 08-13-17

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BabyTrollBlog · 6M ago

Observatory with Clouds

A BRIEF DEPARTURE from my Cloud Observatory department, the Cincinnati Observatory — atop Mt. Lookout on Cincinnati’s East Side — with dramatic clouds. (Image composited in Photoshop.) The p...
BabyTrollBlog · 6M ago

Extra Texture

THIS ONE CAUGHT MY EYE while I was on a ride with passenger. And, for the first time ever, I circled back around after I dropped her off and went to where I could get the shot. The building ...
BabyTrollBlog · 6M ago


LADY JANE GREY named after the famous pretender queen of England, played by Helena Bonham Carter in the BBC Production of the same name. (Click to embiggen.) This image was taken under low-l...
BabyTrollBlog · 6M ago

How We Spent Our Sunday

AS IS BECOMING A CUSTOM here of late, Toni and I set out in the short bus for an afternoon of picture shooting. Well. No. We didn’t set out to do that. We were going to go to breakfast and …...
BabyTrollBlog · 7M ago

Oot and Aboot

THE IDA STREET Bridge planters. Ida Street is one of the main streets of the Cincinnati neighborhood, Mt. Adams — a 600-700-foot-tall hill looming over the downtown area and the river. It’s ...