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bad rabbit vintage · 2Y ago

The safari-thing gets a facelift!

I have fallen into a terrible habit of not taking "before" pictures of anything. Not to mention photos of the steps and mistakes on the way to "finished." When something is finished and I'm ...
bad rabbit vintage · 2Y ago

Our herione runs .... and .... and .... she FALLS?

Yup, she falls. We've seen it in movies hundreds of times, SHE FALLS? Really?  Oh, my ride is here!I was walking across the living room to grab the vacuum and my super-grip shoes super-gripe...
bad rabbit vintage · 2Y ago

Furnture and Horses

Does it seem like the days are only four hours long? I never complete my to-be-done-or-else list. That's the norm for a lot of people, I guess, but when I don't get everything done I'm remin...