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English - Comics, Art, Hip-Hop
badmagic · 1W ago

VAST AIRE and BILL COSMIQ -Dark Metropolis

I have been really slammed lately with various work endeavors and I am slowly finding the time to build on great art and my love of hiphop music. As I slowly prepare to continue putting list...
badmagic · 1M ago

Ty-Brixton baby

UK rapper Ty has a storied career on the british hiphop scene and he continues to impress with this latest offering that takes on the gentrification of his native brixton by pointing out the...
badmagic · 3M ago

Public Enemy- Nothing is Quick in the Desert…….

This year we found many pioneers in hip-hop adding to their storied catalog with new bodies of work so it is only fitting that Public Enemy deliver some new audible goodness for us all to ap...
badmagic · 3M ago

Geechi Suede- Remix3s

Geechi Suede of camp lo has been prolific as of late. This time he hits us off with Remix3s a tribute to the purple one himself and it is pretty dope. Geechi has always been the flashy half ...
badmagic · 5M ago

Buttering Trio- Threesome

It always interests me as to how the world interprets music and art that come from our community and culture. Buttering Trio is obviously influenced from the electronic funk sound of Detroit...
badmagic · 7M ago

The OCD Magic Man, Josh Freydkis

His humorous, playful and frequently unpredictable imagery comes in the form of zines, T-shirts, Risograph prints, stickers, pins and whatever else he can print on. Check out more work.
badmagic · 7M ago

Bethlehem “Walled Off Hotel” Banksy

Burrowed against the infamous cement barrier that currently separates Israel and Palestine in Bethlehem rests the latest art installation from street artist Banksy. Titled the “Walled Off Ho...
badmagic · 7M ago

D*Face and Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey and D*Face just finished these 21-story tower murals at the iconic Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, curated by Justkids, in partnership with Life is Beautiful Festival.
badmagic · 7M ago

Mechanical Crustaceans with Clockwork

French artist Steeven Salvat has long been fascinated by the clarity and exactitude found in old biological studies. His new series titled Mechanical / Biological [Crustacean Study] , Salvat...
badmagic · 7M ago


European Graff artist VENT137 flipped the classic 80’s cartoon style popularized in school house rock and late 70’s illustrations into awesome graffiti pieces. ENJOY!