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bailey unleashed the story of bailey, a rescued chihuahua

English - Chihuahua, Dog, Rescue
bailey unleashed · 11h ago

throwback to 2013

remembering the day bailey tried to move an anchor.she couldn't do it but i give her credit for trying. BOLuntil we meet again my friends-
bailey unleashed · 1d ago

second hand dogs make first class pets

rescue. adopt. save a life.until we meet again my friends-
bailey unleashed · 2d ago

product review: nutro kitchen classics #ChewyInfluencer

did you see our instagram post today? if you were wondering who was hiding behind those blue chewy glasses, it was aoife! BOLthis month was double fun because we have double dogs tasting and...
bailey unleashed · 3d ago


"i don't follow trends, i create them!"until we meet again my friends-
bailey unleashed · 6d ago

it's here!

the girls have been waiting for days for the weekend to arrive. they are going to be so excited when i tell them it's finally here. happy friday y'all!until we meet again my friends-
bailey unleashed · 1w ago

under the plum tree

our days are still pretty hot (90's) but around 7-7.30pm it's tolerable (low 80's) outside. that's usually when we like to go outside. i get my watering done and bailey keeps me company. it'...
bailey unleashed · 1W ago

aoife: mine?

until we meet again my friends-
bailey unleashed · 1W ago

rocking chair

aoife has learned that when she sees me with a camera, treats are close at hand. so when she saw me taking pictures of this rocking chair (to post it for sale) she figured treats would be in...
bailey unleashed · 1W ago

what's wrong with this picture?

can you see what's wrong? at first glance, maybe even second glance, you might not notice, but the thing is,I DON'T HAVE A CAT!so why is this cat looking in my backdoor?i don't know! BOLunti...
bailey unleashed · 1W ago

{this moment} see beautiful: it's the little things

i never have to go far to see beautiful. i see it every single day in my own garden. this post is concentrating on the beautiful little this beautiful little honeybee feasting on...