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bailey unleashed the story of bailey, a rescued chihuahua

English - Chihuahua, Dog, Rescue
bailey unleashed · 7h ago

coffee break

until we meet again my friends-
bailey unleashed · 1d ago

see you later, bee

sadly, bee's california trip has come to an end. she came out to be a part of her parents wedding. and that she was. she walked down the aisle with the maid of honor and best man! but the ce...
bailey unleashed · 2d ago

wedding day

my baby girl, aka daughter #2, got married saturday and bailey not only attended the wedding, i carried her the aisle. the wedding attire was formal, so she wore a gorgeous handmade
bailey unleashed · 5d ago

wedding eve

a bee sandwichuntil we meet again my friends-
bailey unleashed · 6d ago

back in so cal

the last time bee visited, it was because i was throwing a bridal shower for daughter #2. and now she is back because the wedding is saturday! i can hardly believe it. it seems like just yes...
bailey unleashed · 1w ago

enjoy the little things in life

until we meet again my friends-
bailey unleashed · 1W ago

drive thru

hmm. it's 8pm and it's cold. we don't drink coffee at night so what are we doing at the coffee bean?"do you have burgers in there?"sorry bailey, no burgers here, but they do have a delicious...
bailey unleashed · 1W ago

clean up on aisle 9

at first glance, you might not even notice bailey amongst the disaster we found in homegoods yesterday. there were toys strewn everywhere. i've never seen it this bad. and it wasn't just the...
bailey unleashed · 1W ago


can you believe that is actually a word? it's quite a mouthful. paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of friday the 13th. not to be confused with triskaidekaphobia, which is a fear of the numb...
bailey unleashed · 1W ago

monkey head

silly bailey, what are you doing with a monkey on your head?until we meet again my friends-