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In Her Shoes We want give you the opportunity to see our world, to walk i

English - Ministry, Women
In Her Shoes · 1W ago

The Road Less Traveled... for a Reason

People love to ask us questions about our field.And I love to share about our field!But sometimes they ask questions that are difficult to answer. They seem like simple questions, but in fac...
In Her Shoes · 1W ago

Cinnamon Amish Bread

  I live this recipe. It's simple. It's fast and super yummy. Whenever in a pinch and I need to throw together a goody for breakfast, snack or desert I almost always have these ingredients i...
In Her Shoes · 2W ago


My eyes open with the morning light.A fresh, new day.I rise and start on the plans for the day.
In Her Shoes · 3W ago

Stages in Ministry: When You're Not Doing What You Thought You'd Be Doing

It’s kind of funny when you're as old as I am and you look back over your life. My husband and I have been on the field of Spain for nearly thirty-three years, and almost none of that time w...
In Her Shoes · 3W ago

Do You Crunch & Munch?

Devotion:de-vo-shunnounLoyalty, love, and enthusiasm for a person.I remember when I first started going to a Baptist church when I was in high school It was the first time I remember hearing...
In Her Shoes · 4W ago

Ministering Around The World- Part V; Russia, Norway & Alaska

These three places are from pretty wide ranges but they also have some similarities that I thought might make them fun to view together. And it was very educational in that some things I th...
In Her Shoes · 1M ago

Rules for Parenting and Youth Ministry

I am going to share with you a little known secret: Missionary kids are not perfect.I think I just heard a collective gasp from around the world. Some missionary moms just gasped because I s...
In Her Shoes · 1M ago

Fresh Family Devotion Ideas

To be honest, it's our lifeline. We treasure it. The children have fond memories from it.Family devotion timeOur entire family treasures this special time each evening. We like to keep this ...
In Her Shoes · 1M ago

Thin Yeast-less Pizza Crust

I don't know about you but I am a homemade pizza fan. But the crust can sure be a tough one. And I have gone through a lot of different phases of how I like my crust; From thick and mile hi...
In Her Shoes · 1M ago

For the Tired Missionary Woman

It happens on deputation. It comes when you’ve made that final push and finally gotten onto the plane to go to your field. It overwhelms when you are trying to adjust to all the new sights, ...