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English - Ministry, Women
In Her Shoes · 1h ago

Stuff Gets Said

Gossip and "fake news" have been around since long before social media. People like to talk about things that are different. Sometimes they are afraid of something new. As missionaries, we a...
In Her Shoes · 1d ago

Praying for Missionaries

Over the years there have been people that I know pray for me.  As time goes by, I have lost some of these dear prayer warriors.  I lost several in recent years as they went to their eternal...
In Her Shoes · 2d ago

Homemade Cheese

What is one of the foods you miss the most while on the field? My family probably misses dairy products the most. Cheese! Milk! Sour cream! All things that are cheap in America, and expensiv...
In Her Shoes · 3d ago

A Famous Banana Bread Recipe

     This is a story about how God used a willing heart, some overripe bananas, and a recipe, to reach a soul for Christ...oh, and the attached recipe.      A few years ago, while on furloug...
In Her Shoes · 5d ago

Scripture From Around the World - China

In Her Shoes · 6d ago

My Story...

Hello from the Sonoran Desert!  My name is Julie Ford. My family & I are missionaries to the Tohono O'odham Nation in Southern Arizona. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to become a cont...
In Her Shoes · 1W ago

Tortillas and Chips (with video)

TortillasWe make these every week in our house. Our family has always had nachos on Sunday night after church. In America it was because nachos were convenient. Just grab a bag of chips, che...
In Her Shoes · 1W ago

What Will You Do With Jesus, My Friend?

In the shadow of the Resurrection (here in Tbilisi, Georgia, it was celebrated yesterday), and also because my crazy schedule dictated a re-post; here is a poem to remind us of the purpose o...
In Her Shoes · 1W ago

Scripture From Around the World - India

In Her Shoes · 1W ago

Never the Same Again

There’s a Spanish saying, “He who leaves never comes back, even if he returns.” Let's think about this in the light of missions and missionaries. How has your journey changed you? Why are yo...