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Bariatric Girl · 1Y ago

Comments weight loss surgery patients don’t want to hear anymore!

After asking the members on my Bariatric Girl Facebook page for suggestions it is amazing how many patients have heard the same comments.  While I am sure there are many other common comments, I created this graphic from their suggestions.  While the...
Bariatric Girl · 2Y ago

Dear Bariatric Girl 2001,

To: Bariatric Girl 2001 From: Bariatric Girl 2016 (exactly 15 years ago) Dear Bariatric Gi...
Bariatric Girl · 2Y ago

Today is my 14th Surgiversary….14 years of living life!

On March 30, 2001 I could not get inside that operating room fast enough.  As a friend of mine said when he went to his doctor for a consultation “Doc if you want to find a butter knife and ...
Bariatric Girl · 2Y ago

Premier Protein makes your journey much easier!

I’ve been meaning to post about products I like and today is that day!  Recently the good ...
Bariatric Girl · 2Y ago

Pain…exactly how am I supposed to work through it?

No matter how hard I work on processing pain, I have a difficult time with this part of learning to heal.  I forced myself to look for pictures that represent something painful to me…. pictu...
Bariatric Girl · 2Y ago

12 Days of Christmas Weight Loss Surgery Style!

I posted this on my Bariatric Girl Facebook page and someone requested that I share it here.   I hope you enjoy my silliness!  
Bariatric Girl · 2Y ago

What is all about….saving lives one grant at a time.

I did this video for the WLSFA Sand and Sea Adventure in Tampa 2014 to show exactly what does. WLSFA raises money for those who are denied weight loss surgery.  At the event in Apr...
Bariatric Girl · 2Y ago

Take off those regain glasses and turn it around!

  Regain glasses suck. The moment regain becomes a problem we put on those regain glasses ...
Bariatric Girl · 2Y ago

Dr. Brene Brown – Shame is Lethal

I’m sharing this from my Bariatric Girl Facebook Page.  
Bariatric Girl · 2Y ago

Super Dieters share their six weight loss tips

Ever since this story aired on the evening news I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.  For years the National Weight Control Registry has been keeping records and documentation of th...