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Basenji Rescue & Transport · 3W ago

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Princess of Sunshine and Magic and her sweet and funny sidekick, Sir Chewsalot Click here 2017 Christmas card 
Basenji Rescue & Transport · 2M ago

A Milestone for Miles

 We have been Miles’ people for a bit over a year now. Miles and Tiegan do very well together, and we’re so glad Miles is part of our family. We’ve gotten used to his size, although the discrepancy between our little pony Miles and our tiny Tiegan al...
Basenji Rescue & Transport · 4M ago

Tiegan and the Alien Owie

     Several weeks ago, I noticed what I thought was a sebaceous cyst on the side of Tiegan’s little jaw. Ivan had these and they went away without a great deal of apparent discomfort or inc...
Basenji Rescue & Transport · 6M ago

Tina Brown leaves a lasting legacy

Annabelle "Tina" BrownPassion for our Basenji breed and BRAT runs deep. This was never more beautifully demonstrated than recently through Annabelle “Tina” Brown. Tina passed away December 3...
Basenji Rescue & Transport · 7M ago

Tiegan Milestone

We recently celebrated one year with our beautiful, amazing, clever, sweet, tiny girl. She adds so much joy to our lives. We grow more enchanted with our little pixie every day. Thank you BR...
Basenji Rescue & Transport · 9M ago

Do Your Homework

    At a recent spaghetti dinner fund raiser for a local all-breed rescue, I was chatting ...
Basenji Rescue & Transport · 11M ago

Happy Valentine's Day to Foster Parents

This is a slightly updated version of a BRAT Blog entry from 2009.  Foster parents are pri...
Basenji Rescue & Transport · 1Y ago

Tiegan & Miles, December 2016

Basenji Rescue & Transport · 1Y ago

Cute Dogs Who Eat Frogs

     Although the high casualty rate has lessened considerably with the cooler fall weathe...
Basenji Rescue & Transport · 1Y ago

Blessing of the Animals