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Bass Pundit · 1d ago

Progress? Not Much!

If anything it was colder than forecast today.  I don't know if it got above freezing or not.  With the sun and a bit of wind I thought there might have been some progress in the ice out dep...
Bass Pundit · 2d ago

Today's Conditions And A Skunk

2:30PM GOMH South Side5:30PM GOMH South Side2:30-3:30PM GOMH & Sullivan Inlet5:30-5:45PM GOMH NEConditions: 54-52℉, Mostly Sunny, Calm then Gusty WindDad had to run up to Fleet Farm today to...
Bass Pundit · 1d ago

Reel Introduction #Fail

Daiwa SS SV Reel on Daiwa Tatula 6'10"M RodSo my scratch and dent Daiwa SS SV that I got for a steal on eBay arrived from Japan today.  I knew it was coming today thanks to tracking, so I st...
Bass Pundit · 6d ago

Mystery Tackle Box NOT Disappointed, Finally!

LiveTarget HFC Crawfish Crank:  Should be a real winner at the Grumpy Old Man Hole provided a pike doesn't steal it.River2Sea Double Plopper:  I am aware the reviews on this bait have pretty...
Bass Pundit · 1W ago

GOMH 1/3 to 1/2 Covered In Skim Ice

...From what it was on Saturday.GOMH South SideIt won't take long to be open againSwan Srum
Bass Pundit · 1W ago

12 Years Ago Today ...(Lilah)

...Lilah arrived in Minnesocold a little tired from her journey here from Puerto Rico via my brother in Florida who's family didn't want to keep the little yipper.  She's still going strong ...
Bass Pundit · 1W ago

A Little More Open Water At The GOMH

I think there is more open water now than there was on Tuesday. Kind of surprised to see that with the temps we have been having. I think all the swans and geese are probably responsible. S...
Bass Pundit · 1W ago

Grand Rapids Wins Hockey Championship!!!

Grand Rapids 6 Moorhead 31st Championship Since 1980I've rooted for Rapids hockey for as long as I can remember.  I was crushed when they got beat by Edina East in double overtime in 1978 an...
Bass Pundit · 2W ago

It Was An Ice Off Massacre Out There! Updated: GOMH

The high winds we have had since yesterday has doomed the ice in the lower 1/3rd of the state.  Man was it blowing last night.  Cold has now returned to the state and it looks like we will h...
Bass Pundit · 2W ago

Some Small Lakes Are Out Already

It's that time of the year already.  2017 Ice Out Page is here.  It is going to turn cooler up here this week.  I'm not done ice fishing quite yet even with the downpour we got today.