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Bearing All! · 4h ago

A Primrose

I finished work on a lovely teddy bear yesterday, she's a commission to celebrate the new season.20" 'Primrose'As I have mentioned before, finding pretty yellow mohair for large bears isn't ...
Bearing All! · 1d ago

A view point ..

I took this photograph of Westminster Bridge, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, from a river boat, whilst bobbing on the Thames one rather chilly April day, three years ago. My husband a...
Bearing All! · 1d ago

Happy National Puppy Day!

So today is 'National Puppy Day' ... who knew?!Never one to miss an opportunity to share pics of my girls, here they are at 7 weeks old, the cutest puppies you ever did see. Gotta love a pup...
Bearing All! · 1d ago

Thirty four years..

I remember so clearly, reclining in a hospital bed with my firstborn child swaddled against my knees, gazing at that tiny bundle in complete wonder. Today it really doesn't seem possible tha...
Bearing All! · 5d ago

A Spring Kitten

Who can resist a Spring kitten needing a kind home eh? Not me apparently!This cheeky little scrap will shortly be taking up residence with us. He will need a name (and just to complicate mat...
Bearing All! · 1W ago

Signs of Spring

I've just returned from a walk with my girls ... the sun is absolutely glorious today! Daffodils are bobbing cheerily on grass verges and yes, Spring is most definitely in the air. The sun d...
Bearing All! · 2W ago

A very special friendship

I am so very grateful for the past four fabulous years of very special friendship with this big, beautiful golden girl ...Happy 4th Birthday to my Polly today!:-)<3 span="">
Bearing All! · 2W ago

A perfect person at the perfect price..

I am surprised that lovely Lisette hasn't yet been adopted from my website, I made her a few weeks ago and she is such a pretty teddy bear.  Mind you, her lovely fur is kid mohair, the most ...
Bearing All! · 4W ago

Mmmn Treacle!

So, life goes on, storm 'Doris' rages around the UK and amidst everything, a new teddy bear is born!15" Treacle is available to adoptThis mohair is one of my new favourites from Schulte ... ...
Bearing All! · 1M ago

A Daisy in May

A sad weekend, saying goodbye to our fat little cat Daisy, a springtime kitten who sadly didn't quite make it to her seventh birthday.