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Bee Haven Acres · 11h ago

Solar Eclipse 2017

Did you see the eclipse?Were you in the path of totality?If you were, tell me about it!!We...
Bee Haven Acres · 1d ago

Special Delivery

Friday morning found me driving into our little town to pick up a special order...Home I sped with my box of cheeping chicks...25 guinea babies... just hatched!I quickly moved them into the brooder house and introduced them to their fresh feed and wa...
Bee Haven Acres · 4d ago


I have noticed lately that the Muscovy ducks,apparently quite comfortable with their new h...
Bee Haven Acres · 5d ago

Hello Again!

Oh how I would love to share my internet woes with you...but I vowed to keep this blog free from complaining. So... I will just share the fact that I have no internet (still)and that this blog is coming to you via my neighbor's internet...which is no...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Puppy Love

Once again we have been plunged into the internet-free zone.I am writing this at our neigh...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Turning Our Faces To The Sun

Friends...we are humbled by your outpouring of love and support over the loss of Gracie.It...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

I Live For The 99

Ninety-nine percent of the time life on the farm is idyllic.The animals are happy, peacefu...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Calendars Are Important!

Yesterday taught me that I really have to check my calendar each morningwhen I awaken!I bo...
Bee Haven Acres · 2W ago

Bad Hair Days

Yesterday was a "bad hair" sort of day for everyone here on the farm.Clouds, cool temperatures and steady rain kept some indoors all day.Some sought shelter in the gator.
Bee Haven Acres · 2W ago

We've Got A Lot Of Catching-Up To Do!

We're back!!!It had been several years since my last trip to the ocean,and I had almost fo...