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Bee Haven Acres · 4h ago

Chickens Never Forget!

I sometimes think that the only ones who benefit from behavior modificationare we humans!Y...
Bee Haven Acres · 1d ago

A Weekend In Photos

October has been the busiest month ever!Thankfully most of the farm chores are completed f...
Bee Haven Acres · 3d ago


It's 7:30 AM...and I'm out doing morning chores.I am alone, because this is Hubbs' day off from chores.(We try to give each other one day off each week... otherwise we work together.)It is so peaceful at this time of day.There are a few birds chirpin...
Bee Haven Acres · 5d ago

Autumn Pasture Time

Bobby and I took a lovely Autumn walk...down the driveway.It's been an unusual Autumn.Ther...
Bee Haven Acres · 6d ago

A Malady Not Cured By Chicken Soup

My goodness,I have experienced an outpouring of love that has amazed me.And not just from ...
Bee Haven Acres · 1w ago

Now That's An Egg!!

As you know, the Muscovy gals have been making their daily trek to the barn.Each morning I...
Bee Haven Acres · 1w ago

Halloween Duckorations

Do you like our duckorations?This post is a test.I am having some publishing issues... related to FB.I am trying to fix this issue.Quite possibly, some changes will be coming to this website...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Autumn With The Littles

It is Sunday night, and I've sat down with photos from the weekend.I've never known a week...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Moving Day

The sun rose yesterday behind a thick, grey blanket of clouds...clouds that were still heavy with rain.We had decided that in spite of continued rain...yesterday was to be moving day.We've been planning to re-arrange the housing for all of our birdsf...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

What We Do When It Rains

Yesterday was the perfect day for staying indoors.We received much needed rain...which slowed everything down.Some prefer to remain indoors...Some could care less...chalk it up to bird brains.