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Bee Haven Acres · 22h ago

Hatching An Idea

In case you are still wallowing in Winter's leftovers...I wanted to give you hope.We had a glorious day yesterday... not yet as warm as we would love it,but still, not cold, not rainy, not snowy.And since we cannot be picky, we will just call it glor...
Bee Haven Acres · 1d ago


A song has been running through my head this week..."This is the dawning of the Age of Amb...
Bee Haven Acres · 2d ago

Press Pause

Sometimes life must take a little break for the truly impotant a two year old who is under the weather.We’ll be back tomorrow with more tales from the farm.
Bee Haven Acres · 2d ago


Today's post is brought to you by the color yellow.Bright. Sunny. Yellow.You see... Spring visited (visited, as in temporary) us on Friday and Saturday.To say those days were glorious is an understatement.They were magnificent.Warm, sunny, breezy...b...
Bee Haven Acres · 6d ago

Spring Fever

It's eleven o'clock... time for lunch.The horses have been grazing all morning.The call go...
Bee Haven Acres · 1w ago

Moments of Magic

Yesterday was the perfect day for horsing around.The sun shone brightly... and just below ...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

"Bearly" There

With the sun just below the horizon,the blue hour was upon us.Still groggy from a night of deep slumber, I opened my eyes and gazed out the window...the romantic snow that had silently fallen while sitting at the previous day's bonfirehad decided to ...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Fire and Ice

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that fireis pretty much the only thing that scares me.The second half of that statement is...I am also a little bit of a pyromaniac.  I l...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Ash Joins The World Again

There's nothing better than rising early,heading outside, and greeting the sun as it rises...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

A New Star in The Night Sky

There is a new star shining brightly in the night sky.That star's name is Star.I hadn't pl...