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Bee Haven Acres · 2d ago


Yesterday morning on my way out for chores,I noticed that there was a young guinea outside the brooder house and attached yard.To my knowledge, none of my guinea youngsters had escaped...but...
Bee Haven Acres · 3d ago


Superficially, there would seem to be a lot of "sameness" to each of our dayshere on the farm.I find the repetitive rhythm of farm life to be comforting.I find that so much of what I love to share with you ends up beinga bit repetitive as well...and ...
Bee Haven Acres · 4d ago

Painting Helpers

It seems that no matter what job we have to accomplish...we always have plenty of voluntee...
Bee Haven Acres · 5d ago

Midges, Figs, and Guinea Adventures

Yesterday... finally, after weeks of trying... Chloe acquiesced...and agreed to wear her f...
Bee Haven Acres · 6d ago

And Suddenly It Was Sunday Night!

I just blinked.... and the whole weekend flew by in an instant!At least that's how it seem...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Changing Seasons

You asked what we will do with those hotter than hot peppers.Absolutely.  Nothing.  Too hot for normal human consumption!It was fun to grow them.  We'll just have to leave it at that.There is no doubt about it... fall is in the air!I bought mums yest...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Weird and Wonderful Nature

Last week while foraging for mushrooms,I came upon something curious.A tree limb was covered in tiny fluffy white creatures.I assumed they were some type of egg with larvae hatching from them.For some reason, I did not take a photo...I suppose becaus...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Barn Reveal

There has been a lot of activity around the barn this past week...and these two are not impressed.Just wait, girls, your shed is next!!I spent a little time painting the greenhouse yesterday,and Hubbs finished our outhouse.
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Bit and Bobs

We've been so lucky to be able to enjoy these last few days of summer...with beautiful wea...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

We Survived!!

What a spectacular weekend we had!Fall weather is here... the nights are cold (the heat is...