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Bee Haven Acres · 16h ago

A Brief Taste of Spring

Yesterday morning, I headed out for morning chores to see rising sun...which was actually shining...and my heart sang!Blue sky, warm breezes, rays of sunshine reaching down to touch the soggy was a taste of spring in the middle of winter.
Bee Haven Acres · 1d ago

My Truth

Good morning.... from beautiful Mudville!This is how our world looked yesterday... before ...
Bee Haven Acres · 2d ago

Just For Fun

While the snow melts, the rain falls, and the river rises,I have been indoors, like the bl...
Bee Haven Acres · 2d ago

What Cats and The Weather Have In Common

A typical day in the life of a cat:Typical late winter weekend:After several warm days, in...
Bee Haven Acres · 6d ago

No Place To Go But Up...

When a day starts out like know it can only get better!We are in the midst of a...
Bee Haven Acres · 1w ago

Lessons From An Old Dog

Oakley is at that age...whatever that age might be.We don't know how old he is because his...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day...from Moonbeam, international man of mystery...and all of your friends on the farm!We had a little fun dressing up for our Valentine party.Daphne asked to wear the headband...oh, how she loves to get dressed up for holidays.
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Sheep-keeping and Tea Parties

My poor sheep have lived the last two months on filthy,worn down paths through frozen slush and snow.There is no reason for them to venture an further than that,unfortunately, with all of the snow on the ground.They spend their days between the hay f...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

Slush Puppies

Greeting from Slurpyland, friends.No. Seriously.To walk through the farm, you would think that a giantSlurpee machine emptied it's entire contents on our ground.We have several inches of mush.And when that mush is gone, there will be several inches o...
Bee Haven Acres · 1W ago

The Beauty of Ice

We awoke yesterday to a glistening world...the result of the previous day's ice storm.A la...